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It’s Been Fun August 27, 2010

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

Hey guys.

Long time no see, right?  heheh

I’m sorry.  Blogging doesn’t really hold an interest for me anymore.  At least not right now.  Right now I’m more into website and graphic design.  Maybe I’ll start up again when I start college next year.  I’m sorry 😦

This really was a huge chapter of my life.  I feel like I’ve known some of you for longer than some of my real-life friends!  Most notably Jack (JavaLlama), Chad (I forget your username haha… was it BigMonkey?), Ilan (Redcowz), and Josh (Fylliper)  🙂  And all my helpful admins, too!  I can’t remember all of them, but I know that Jack practically ran the old Mooseluver8 CP blog.  Opus and Dieter and Aguair and Krygo and Adam were all great, too!

The details are slipping, though!  I’m never good at remembering things that happened over a year ago.  I can’t remember the details of any of those awesome old CP contest blogs, any of my old friends’ blogs, and sometimes I can’t remember their names.  And it sucks that the old blog was hacked and deleted.  It held so many memories!  But I really want to remember!  I don’t want to forget this.

So, if you’re reading this, (you’re probably not 😉 ) but please e-mail me sometime and we’ll get in touch with Facebook or something!  I don’t want to lose you guys!

I love you all, and a day doesn’t go by that I’m reminded of the great times and awesome friends I had here.  I remember a while ago I made a post about the people I loved in the blogging world.  If you want to visit it, it might have your name there 🙂   Clicky

Also, you can reach me by commenting here (I will still get the e-mail), or e-mailing my Mooseluver8@comcast.net account, which redirects to my main e-mail account.  It has my full name on it, so I won’t be posting it here, but if you were one of the people I trusted it with, go ahead and e-mail me there.  Let’s be facebook friends!  Or you can also find me at DeviantArt, which is an art website that I will someday post one of my arts on, when I stop being such a coward 😉  To go to my DA profile page, click here.

And, if you are into dwelling on a forgotten and unreachable past, like me, you can actually see some of the old CP posts on the Mooseluver8 blog at this archive website.  The link to the Mooseluver8 archive is here.

So so SO many memories, guys.  You have no idea.  They clog my brain and spill out my ears!

I love you!


  • Email: Mooseluver8
  • Facebook: E-mail me for the link
  • DA Account: link
  • CP Blog Archive: link

P.S.  Jack (Javallama) has dropped off the face of the Earth!  He’s nowhere to be found! 😦