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What Is Wrong?!?! April 27, 2009

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OMG I am having so much trouble with my laptop!! Firefox takes five minutes to open, no exaggeration, and my internet explorer keeps showing a error message every time I try to open it. Also, my email keeps crashing each time I open it. I’m having so much trouble that I am making this post from my ipod 😛
Uggggghh luckily my dad is planning on reformating my whole PC because somehow my hard drive got split into two different ones and my C drive won’t empy. It sucks. And it will take a while to reformat the PC because my dads thingy that will save all my stuff so I can have it back after the reformating is too full and doesn’t have enough room for my stuff. AHHHH!!!!!!!!! IM GOING CRAZY!!!!!!!


OMG This Is So Difficult April 22, 2009

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Hey guys!!  Sorry about no posts, AGAIN.

I just have no motivation 😥  and I don’t know why.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you guys that I have a whole new level of respect for those hosted bloggers I know, including Keith and Anto.  My dad got hosted, and we have been trying to get a good theme for him.  After striking out with lame wordpress directory themes and hard-to-edit freeWP themes, we broke down and payed for a subscription to a site that has really nice themes, reccomended by Keith.  Now, it has taken my dad and I long enough to figure out how to add WordPress, and how to get wordpress updated, and how to add themes using FTP (its really confusing)

Now, we have this theme that my dad really likes.  I actually managed to somehow edit the logo on the theme to say what my dad wanted it to say instead of the theme name and somehow uploaded it to the FTP and it showed up.  You can check out the site and the theme at http://channelmatters.com but dont read it!  It is some business thing and it is really boring.  And do you see the “ChannelMatters” logo thing on the upper left? I MADE THAT! YEAH!!!!  But we are having a ton of trouble just getting the font bigger 🙄  I know.   The CSS editing on these themes are 10x more confusing than what I am used to.

Well, that is part of why I am so busy.  I still love you guys and I hope you still like me and my blog, even though I am getting lame and boring! 

P.S. You know all that snow from a couple of days ago? It was all gone yesterday 😛

Yesterday I had a track meet and I got really sunburned! It was so hot!!!!!!

Snow…No, Rain…No,Wait, Snow… April 18, 2009

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It’s snowing!  ….ish

It’s kinda like wet snow…it’s called sleet I think.  And its not cold enough outside for the snow to really stick, so its a ton of slush on the ground.  It was supposed to snow a ton last night, but it didn’t 😦 we were all hoping to have a snow day today but it only rained all night – it started snowing on the bus ride to school 🙄

It snowed all day, but they didn’t cancel school (sometimes they cancel school in the middle of the day).

Wow it is still coming down!  Huge heavy, wet, flakes.  My dad said the power might go out, so I’m going to shut down my computer and unplug it to avoid damage from power surges if it goes out and comes back on.  I will add more to this post later!


P.S. I love you guys more that a fat kid loves Twinkies!

Its Easter! April 12, 2009

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It’s Easter! yaaay!!  Today is the day Jesus was resurrected three days after being crucified on the cross.

I went to church, volunteered with my sister and my dad and helped direct traffic for the next service.  Then, we came home and me and my little sister distracted my littlest sister while the “Easter bunny” hid the eggs.  They were hidden inside because it is rainy and cold out 😦

I got a cool hat and tons of candy for Easter! yaay!!

How do you guys celebrate easter?


I’m BORED! April 12, 2009

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Heyy you guyss.  I’m getting pretty bored with blogging.  People are quitting right and left.  Josh, Opus, and now Jack.  Now I’m not saying that I’m quitting, but I need some help.  I am running out of post ideas!  Maybe it will get better when summer comes and I am doing more fun things, because right now my life is boring.  I go to school, go to track, go to gymnastics, and do homework.  And that’s it.  I will make an Easter post tomorrow, I promise, and I will also be making an Easter header.  But please help me get some inspiration for new posts!! Pleeeeaaase!?


P.S. I got a new personal record today at a track meet!  I vaulted 7’6″ on my first try

Super Morbidly Obese! AH! April 5, 2009

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:be sure to check out Opus’s going away post below this one:

Jell-O!  (rhymes with Hello, so it is considered a greeting)

Anyway, have you guys heard about this new species?  They are called Super Morbidly Obese people.  Fat isn’t enough.  Obese isn’t enough.  Morbidly obese isn’t enough.  No, these people are SUPER morbidly obese.  Tragic.

I watched a movie on this in my health class!  The normal reccomended amount of calories for an adult is 2,000 calories a day.  Less for little kids, and more for teens because they are growing (adults don’t grow).  The movie was called “I Ate 33,000 calories”.  33,000 in one day!!!!!!!  That is, like, enough food for EIGHT people right there!

Now, you can’t just call yourself super morbidly obese.  There are requirements, like a certain BMI percentage.  BMI stands for Body Mass Index.  It basically means how much of you is fat.  Women have more fat on them because hips are basically fat and breasts are considered fat, too.  I, being a gymnast, have a BMI of around 9% (I learned this in gym class – there is a little computer thingy that you enter all this information into and then you hold onto it and it can feel your heartbeat and it tells you you BMI).  That means that 9% of my total body mass is fat.  Which is really good!  Fat is good for you, you need it to live, but too much fat is baaaad!  Plain old morbidly obese people have a BMI of 40-50%.  Almost have of them is fat!!  These super morbidly obese people (lets just call them SMOB from now on) have a BMI of over 50%.   They are half fat!! Maybe more!! That is plain ridiculus.

The people on this show are really gross looking.  This one woman’s stomach drooped to her knees.  This one guy had to wear a diaper-type thing because he was too fat to walk over and go to the bathroom.  This other guy had to wear a little oxygen thingy under his nose all the time because his fat is crushing his lungs and making it hard for him to breath and get enough oxygen!  It is crazy stuff.   In the movie, they showed this clip of firemen trying to get a SMOB person out of their house.  The guy had fallen unconcious because of lack of oxygen or something, and they had to get him to a hospital.  But, they couldn’t get him out his bedroom door.  Or the window.  So they had to TAKE APART HIS WALL and use 8 firemen to carry him out on a huge net.

I live in the “thinnest” town in the United states, so I don’t see many super morbidly obese people. awww!  Do you guys know any super morbidly obese people?  How much can they eat?  More than you can in a week, probably  😆



I Wont Ruin This Post For A Shilling April 4, 2009

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I have been in this ”blogging” business for almost 2 years now, and I feel that my timer has ran out. All my old friends, with the exception of Brian,Zipo, Narnia, and Steller, have either quit or have started ignoring old friends for new *cough* not naming anyone*cough*. Since I have been through a lot in wordpress I will miss it, and may pop in a few times later. As far as I am concerned my time has been up, all these new bloggers about, and me being here from the time of posting and actually responding to peoples comments, such a trait died long ago.. Infact many people don’t even conceder the thought of actually going to their blog and seeing whats going on. I am terribly sad that this has happened but it has, the age of me being here is over, I am an artifact who does not make interesting posts anymore, I am an old man in blogging years, but this is okay for I accept this, and it could not have come in better time. I am now starting to think about track, I am biking more(even did 28 miles today in the hilly ups and downs of the Ozarks), and i am climbing more mountains in the summer. I have tests to take at school and more socializing to do. I have enjoyed my blogging years, I have enjoyed working at the sites I work at. I will definitly miss those already gone away, some without a mention. Those people are

Olly(still talk to him on MSN though)

Logan(long gone somewhere)

Spongekid3(i dunno)

Giambinny(still I dunno)

Josh(did the same as me but earlier, sad really but i still email him)

Mark(pengi, left without a trace)

I cannot recall any others. Sorry if you were forgotten, I know how it feels.

So yes, i quit, It is not out of pite,depression,or just plain boredom, but out because I know I don’t go on here a lot, and I know you know too. So Cheer up, and Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life! 😀

Opus Out, Peace Out. (Monty Python, and George Carlin For Ever *hold up peace sign*) ( BUSH SUCKS!) (Obama Rules) (And Now For Something Completely Different…. The End Of Opus)