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SUMMER!!!! May 31, 2008

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Yesss! Summer is here! I finally got through my final and hoste a sumer party at my house in my backyard!we got a fire pit and burned all of our school homework and notes! we played sardines (a version of hide-and-seek) and then i had my friend sleep over! it was a blast!

i just got back from the pool! theres a party there tomorrow!

I also found a sweet forum for my fave show! so if anyone else is addicted to the Office (u.s. version) or got addicted from my Shows page and The Office subpage, then check out the intense forum: here

I found some sweet graphics on it too…

Jim and Pam in background doing “west side story” walk!Dwight tearing out of a box after eavesdropping on Pam

I’ll add some more later if you guys want!

(if it doesnt show try clicking on them)

…if anyone COMES to this blog…




FINALS ARE HERE May 27, 2008

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😯 😯 😯

won’t be texting for the next few days. I will be cramming* for my final tests. im so not ready



wish me luck ~Carly

*cramming-to study long and hard the night before a huge test. to cram info into your brain.

Sorry!! May 24, 2008

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I know I havn’t been posting a lot…at all…

but Im REALLy busy this time of year! I have my final tests (huge tests in each class on what you’ve learned the whole year) next week! After that is SUMMER BREAK! woohoo! So I’ll be able to post a lot more often.

Also, I have been given the honorable place of one of the authors on Josh (Fylliper) ‘s site! Be sure to visit it at http://rainingwater.wordpress.com

And my other friend, JavaLlama, has a new writing blog at http://brightwrite.wordpress.com !

C yall later!  ~Carly

What Do YOU Want? May 18, 2008

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Hey guys! Happy May 18th! Anyway, I was wondering what you guys want! What pages do you want? What do you want to see more of? Do you want contests, pictures, games, whatever! Tell me what you would like to see on this site!

Oh, and I need more views! If my views go up 10% or i get 250 views, whichever comes first, haha, i will do something big and drastic on my site for you guys! Whatever you all want! Ok! See ya later!

~Carly (Mooseluver8)

Update! May 15, 2008

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Ok so I have been thinking about changing my on-wordpress name (the name that is shown when i make comments, not my username) to my real name. i did cool little characters like:










oh and Josh/Fylliper is it ok that I used your idea of the symbols spelling the name? if its not please tell me and I wont use it! Thanks!


 P.S. sorry about the weird font/size/spacing!




I’m starting! May 15, 2008

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OK well I may not post a ton until I get a new header and everything up, but here’s on of my posts! Woo! OK! So I’ll just tell you about something in my life.

I’m really excited for Thursday night! Its the season finale of my favorite show, The Office (u.s. version) on NBC. Its really tense! Toby is leaving and moving to Costa Rica, Pam and Jim will either break up, get married, or Pam will move to new york/Philadelphia, Dwight and Angela are tense together but Angela doesn’t really like Andy!

Its so much drama! AH!! I love this show for anyone who wants to watch it, click HERE for more info. it wont be on after thursday becasue the season is ending but i’ll start posting links so you guys can watch too! Its a hilarious show!