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On a Lighter Note… June 27, 2008

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Hey! Im here to cure your depressedness! Here are some of the funniest Fred vids! Watch the whole collection here

Fred is a 6 year old kid with anger managment problems, a high voice and an alcoholic mom. He likes a girl named Judy and gets bullied by a kid named Kevin.


Life Is Short: A Sad but True Story June 26, 2008

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coming in a few hours. get your tissues

Its here! but dont get excited. its probably the most horrifying thing that has happened to me in my life. so far.

There are a lot of characters in this so I’m going to use fake names for them so you dont get confused and so their identity is protected.

  • My 12 year old Sister: Liz
  • My 4 year old sister: Ella
  • Liz’s neighborhood friend: Kristen
  • Liz and Kristen’s friend/sleepover host: Kelly
  • Kelly’s mom: Jane
  • Kelly’s dad: Mike
  • Kelly/Mike/Jane’s dog: Vick
  • My nanny/babysitter: Katie

Other stuff: Mike is a sucessful businessman and owns a big house. Like, a mansion. Its huge. They have an elevator, 4 kids (who each have their own huge room), 3 guest rooms, 2 secret rooms (hidden behind bookcases and such), a pond with kayaks-sand, firepit, etc. Also a pool with a slide complete with a pool house (kitchen wih bathroom and towels etc) and ATVs (all terrain vehicles – look up on Google image of you dont know) and also 3 horses. But dont get the wrong idea that they are spoiled or anything. The family is the nices family ever! They have lots of pool partys and pond clam bakes and school fundraisers. The kids dont act bratty or spoiled at all. If you met them you would say ‘wow those are nice kids they must have good family’ you wouldnt even guess that they were wealthy. Now the story starts.

I was going with my babysitter Katie to pick up Liz (my sister) and Kristen from Kelly’s mansion house, since Katie didn’t know how to get there. My 4 year old sister Ella was in the car, too. We drove down the long driveway and saw the 3 of them having fun on Kelly’s ATV. Fun! They were covered in mud because the path they were on was a dirt path and it had rained last night. We got there and they came around and we all walked them to their pool house to hose off and jump in the pool one last time. I had fun pushing Liz in 😉

When they had dried off, Liz and Kristen got in Katie’s car, completely filling the sedan with me, Katie, Kristen, Liz, and Ella. We were driving down the long driveway and we passed Kelly’s mom, Jane, riding her horse. Jane was tall and thin, with naturally blond hair cut boyish short and very tan. Her smile crinkled up her whole face and she was very fun and kind and loved animals. She was riding her horse (looking like a pro horse jumper) with their lovable 3 year old pit-bull (they have bad reputations for being attack dogs but Vick was the sweetest thing you could ever meet) and he was looking very happy, jumping around Jane on her horse, his copper brown fur shining. 

Their driveway a third of a mile long. We got to the front gate of their driveway and drove to the edge and waited while Katie tryed to find an opening in the busy road so she could pull out and drive us home. The driveway was raised to the road, so there was a hill Jane had to go up if she wanted to get to the road or the driveway. While we were waiting, she got to the bottom of the hill and started to turn so she could ride on the edge of her property, when Vick darted up the hill.

We aren’t sure what made him do that, if he saw a squirrel or what, but I heard Jane call ‘Vick!’, but she didn’t realize that he wasn’t listening and was focused on getting to the other side of the road. I had know idea what was happening. Im going to write this like a play scene for a bit…

Katie: Oh my god – oh no – no – no –

Everything seemed to slow down for a bit, like I was watching a scene in slow motion, and I had enough time to take in everything around me

Me: (thinking) whats she talking about? did she pull out too far and the front of her car is going to get clipped by a car? no, we had been stopped for a bit and cars had gone by without hitting us. -i looked for something dangerous or out of the ordinary- there was a truck, not a semi but not a pickup truck driving. it was covered on the top by a tarp. did something fall out? i looked down in time to see a coppery brown furball streak under the truck and get hit by the back wheels.

SMACK-Vick was thrown back by the force of the fast moving truck about 3 feet and then skidded 2 more. all of us in the car were in shock. I dont know what i was thinking but i wanted myself to look away from the tv screen, or wake up from this nightmare. this wasnt real! it cant be! its too unexpected!

Katie: (still going) no-god-oh no no no

Cars notice and slow down to go around Vick, a lot of them stop to help. The truck driver has pulled over and gets out, but he is pretty far from the dog. Vick is way closer to us, about three car lengths away.

Liz is trying to see Vick, is he breathing, Kristen is hyperventilating and opening the car door. Katie is in shock. Katie gets out of the car and takes 3 steps to Jane who has ridden her horse up and is saying ‘hold her hold her’ to no one in particular. Katie takes the horse’s reins and stands there while Jane goes to Vick. She sees his condition right away and loses it. She is in histarics. She cant handle seeing her dog like that. ‘Who has a phone?’ She cries. Kristen jumps up and gives Jane her cell. Jane calls the vet and the police, just in case.  She cant stand seeing Vick like that anymore. She cries, ‘its all her fault, its all my fault’ and runs back to Katie.  She mounts her horse and beats the world record for fastest horse running to her family at home.

Kristen starts to walk over to Vick, who is surrounded by helpful passersby.

I lean back out the window, gulping fresh air and feeling the wind. I am feeling very very sick and nauseous. I hope I dont throw up. Ella is asking what is going on and is she can get out of the car. I say no, that Vick got hurt and he is taking a nap untill he can go to the doggy doctor. Kristen gets back in the car and motions to her mouth. ‘What?’ i ask quietly. ‘blood’ she mouths and them motions back to her mouth.

Vick is bleeding from his mouth. not a cut in his gums, like its dripping out of his throat. I open my car door for more fresh air and put my head between my knees to help the queesy-ness. ‘please dont throw up’ i mutter to myself.

Vick is moved to the grass on the side of the road and cars keep moving.  Katie sits by Vick crying and waiting for the red pickup truck that is coming up from the house. It is their gardener, who has worked for them for over 5 years and is like the kid’s uncle.  Katie comes back for a bit to tell us to stay in the car, whick isn’t necesary as we have no intention of seeing a dog who just go hit by a truck going 40 mph.

Kelly’s dad, Mike, drives up then, too, looking a little more put together than his wife, but still like he is going to cry. It is clear that Jane called him as soon as she got home, and that he rushed home from wok.  The gardener has gotten Vick in the back of his truck. Mike talks to Katie for a few minutes, and she comes back, rubbing her eyes of tears so she can drive. Kristen has been crying, Liz has been occupying Ella with a Rafiki the monkey doll from the Lion King, but looking haunted, and I have been concentrating on not barfing.  Katie gets back in the car and starts to drive away.  She needed to tell Mike what had happened so the police could knnow if charges needed to be pressed on the truck driver. I dont see how they could be. He was just driving when Vick ran under his truck. It wasnt anyones fault.

Kristen is texting Kelly’s freinds, telling them not to call Kelly for a bit. She needed to be with her family.  Katie is telling me quietly that Vick is dead, that he died 5 minutes after he got hit. Im not talking, just thinking about how the family will deal with this.  Liz is still reasurring Ella that Vick is sleeping and is going to be all right, trying to reasure herself more that Ella, even though she knows that he didnt live.

Life can be short. For everyone. Make every moment count because you dont ever know when unepected things will happen. Kelly and her three siblings didn’t get to say goodbye or anything.  Make every moment last.

Im sorry if i have made you depressed now! I just really needed to get that out.



Im sorry June 22, 2008

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yeah. im busy. sorry.

actually ive been watching all 4 seasons of the office again. it takes a while! its a great show!!!! you should watch it too!

im sorry I will post more stuff as soon as I get through it! heheh

ItS mY bIrThDaY!!!!!! June 16, 2008

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Yayayayayayay!!!! Im 15!

Yes, 15!!!

Ive been so busy planning my party. Im having a few friends over, like 2 or 3, and we are gonna do something fun! itll be next wekend and Im not sure what to do haha!

Today is also Father’s Day so be sure to give your daddy a hug!

~Carly, who is now 15!

Hey, Yeah, I Know June 12, 2008

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I know I haven’t posted in a while but I promise I will have some cool posts and some fun new pages up soon! Sorry!


Yummy Cereal! June 10, 2008

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I found an advanced photoshop contest onliine and looked at some of the entries to the catagory: Unsucessful Breakfast Cereals. Here’s two of the entries, click here


I wonder if those Nuke’Ems marshmallows are radioactive… haha!


Funny Pic! June 5, 2008

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Hey guys! this is a funny edited pic of Steve Jobs’ (the guy who owns the Apple company like iPhones and mac computers and iPods) grave! Take a look…

Microwave Computer! June 4, 2008

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microwave_PC_Case.jpgThere are plenty of weird coputers out there, but few of them are as funny or as well designed as this microwave PC. Yes, it’s a microwave that has the guts of a computer crammed inside. It’s got an LCD monitor on the front that’s got a background on it that looks like the inside of a microwave and, voila, you’ve got a microwave PC.  Pretty much a fake microwave with a computer screen instead of a see-inside-microwave screen!

It wouldn’t even be too difficult to do, either. It’s not like a microwave isn’t plenty big to fit all the necessary components inside, so this is definitely a doable project for anyone who’s looking to surprise the next person who comes over and wants a Hot Pocket.   via

Hope that was interesting!


Updated The Office June 4, 2008

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I updated some of The Office links because YouKu wont work in the U.S. any more 😥 but there is still TuDou! It still has japanese subtitles though 😆

I really would like more people to come to this blog…Yr Tm at http://justsimplestuff.wordpress.com is like the only person! I will try to make this blog more fun but you guys have to give me a reason to work hard on it!