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Yes! May 27, 2009

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All my hard finals are over!
I only have 3 more, and they will be easy!
I will make a big, happy summer post soon! But I gotta get back to studying!
I have a 95% in the class tomorrow, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared ūüôā
Have a great last days of school!



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Ugggh May 24, 2009

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Finals start in just two days!
Im going back to studying. Sorry for lack of posts!

FINALS! AHHH! OMG! May 19, 2009

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Finals is comin’ up!
Listen to this horrible scheduale:
Tuesday: Pre-IB (pre-ib means super hard) algebra 2, then Pre-IB Biology, then 45 min for lunch, then Spanish 3 (my hardest non Pre-IB class!)
Then on Wednesday I have World History, then Health, then 45 min lunch, then Choir, so that’s ok…
Then on Thursday (LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!) I have an off period and then my L.A. final.
Yikes! But I can’t wait to get my finals over with and have the whole summer FREE! YESS!!
What are you guys doing during your last days of school?

I Have A Lot To Make Up! May 13, 2009

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Hey guys!

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much, I just have been really busy with homework and making things up that I missed from being absent last week!

I will make a great post soon, but I have a Math test on Friday that I need to study for!!

See ya!

Pnononia? Pneomonia? How do you spell it?! I know its got a P in it… May 10, 2009

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Well, it’s spelled Pneumonia, but its pronounced Na-moan-ya.¬† Basically, its a lung infection where some of¬†your alveoli sacs in your lung (usually just one lung) full with fluid.¬† It really sucks.¬† My throat is swollen and hurts, my nose is running, I still feel like I have a bit of a temp, and worst of all, I have this horrible cough!¬† It sounds like a seal barking.¬† It rips through my throat and it feels like I am trying to cough up my lung.¬† It also hurts on this one part of my chest, on the right side, which is the affected lung and I assume that’s where the fluid is.

It really sucks.  I have already missed so much school right before my final tests, so I dont want to miss any more, but since the medication I am taking is going to help me be not so contagious, I am going to go to school tomorrow.

Uggggh.¬† What’s the worst sickness/illness/infection/disease you guys have ever had?

FIRE! Me and California! May 6, 2009

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Hey guys!¬† I’m REALLY SICK!!¬†I started feeling funny Friday night, felt bad on Saturday, had a temperature Saturday night, didn’t get out of my pajamas all Sunday, stayed home in my pajamas from school on monday, and same¬†today, except I felt the worst today.¬† I¬†was home alone¬†for a big part of the day, and nothing was on TV,¬†I didn’t¬†feel like playing¬†Wii or¬†PS2,¬†I wasn’t hungry, I was really¬†cold under three blankets, and I felt TERRIBLE!¬† I started mumbling songs like “I feel like crap,¬†yes I do, I feel¬†like crap, how ’bout you?” and¬†“I feel gross, yes I do, I¬†sorta wish I was comatose!”¬†¬†(Being comatose, or in a coma, is like a sleep where you don’t feel anything and¬†they have to feed you through tubes and stuff.¬† people get in a coma in big accidents and stuff.¬† sometimes they¬†never come out¬†of it!)

Anyway I felt really really horrible all day, except for a few times right after I took an advil or a tylenol.¬† I can’t¬†tell the¬†difference ūüėõ

So even bigger¬†news: THERE’S A FIRE IN SANTA BARBARA!¬† And my grandparents live there!¬† The fire isn’t that close, but their area is being reccomended to evacuate.¬† My grandparents are old and stubborn, and they think that if they see the fire from their house, THEN its time to go.¬† But since they can’t see it from the top of their hill, they aren’t moving.¬† I really hope they decide to evacuate, and better yet, I hope their house doesn’t burn down.¬† Their house is so FULL of everything!¬† Both my grandparents were great artists.¬† My grandpa has every single wall in the house plastered with his Western art (detailed paintings of cowboys and indians lassoing cattle and stuff) and, both my grandpa and grandma have covered every surface with my grandma’s carvings, statues, and sculptures¬†of animals and my grandpa’s sculptures of cowboys in the air above their wild horse.¬† His sculptures are so cool!¬† It’s amazing how the cowboy is up and supported by only the tiniest piece of bronze attached to the horse.¬† Its a wonder it doesn’t fall.

Their house is like a museum!¬† And don’t get me started on their hill!¬† Down the back of their hill theres a steep dirt path, with an orange tree that is great to climb with a hammock.¬† And apple trees, and lemon trees that me and my grandma always make fresh lemonade with, and everything!¬† Its like¬†a fun little jungle thing!¬† All sunny and warm.

I really hope the fire doesn’t go over there.


Internet Working Again! And IE vs Firefox… May 3, 2009

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My Internet is working on my computer again!! YAAAYY!!!

It’s a bit slow, but it will get better.¬† But now for an interesting post…


I have both of them downloaded on my computer.¬† Internet Explorer is the browser I first used, so all of my favorites and everything is on IE.¬† It’s very easy to transfer them to Firefox, but I haven’t yet ūüėõ

SO. Pros and cons of each.¬† Well, I’m no browser genius, so I am just going to say the things that bug me about each of them.

Numbah 1.¬† Tabs.¬† Personally, I like Internet Explorer’s tab layout better.¬† The tab bar is already there with your first page, and there is a little mini-tab thing right next to it that you can click for a new tab.¬† Also, with the bar already there, you can add icons and stuff to the right of the tab toolbar, making it less cluttered.¬† With firefox, there is not a tab toolbar until you have two tabs.¬† Then, your menu thing at the top is a whole row bigger, and is only showing the tabs.¬†¬†Also, opening¬†new tabs in firefox is annoying to me.¬† Both IE and Firefox have the “Ctrl – T” thing to open a new tab, and they both have “File – New Tab”, but Firefox doesnt have a handy button right next to the tab toolbar.¬†¬†If you¬†don’t have tabs open yet, you have to do Ctrl-T, but if you do you have to double click on the toolbar, which I find more difficult than just clicking once¬†on a happy little button, because I am lazy like that.

Numbah 2.¬† Speed.¬† Now, for me, this seems like a fairly even divide.¬† Some people may argue that firefox streams vids faster, and thats fine, but I find that Firefox on my computer takes longer to open up than IE.¬† If I click REALLY FAST Firefox then IE, IE still opens up a good 5 seconds faster than IE.¬† (5 seconds doesn’t sound like a lot, but count it out- one mississippi, two mississippi…its pretty long)¬† But maybe thats just on my computer. I dunno ūüėõ

Numbah 3.¬† Plugins and stuff.¬† Well in Firefox apparantly there are a ton of cool things that you can download to make you toolbar have more stuff.¬† But all I want in a toolbar is an Adress bar, a Refresh button, Tabs, and a Google search bar.¬† So if you are into that plugin stuff, Firefox is great, but it doesn’t matter to me.

Numbah 4.  YOU DECIDE!! Leave a comment telling me what aspect of Firefox and IE you want ME to check out and give my opinion!

Ok!  Be sure to comment on what browser YOU like and WHY!!!  Also be sure to comment about Numbah 4 and what part you want me to check out!


Internet Is Down! AH! May 2, 2009

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Well Hi!!
Making a quick post on my iPod because the Internet is down. Well, it’s half down ūüėõ
My reasoning is that the iPod doesn’t require big fast Internet so it works while my computer doesn’t. I hope the Internet won’t be down for long, cuz I miss posting! Comcast is screwed up so that’s why the Internet isn’t working.
Siiiiigh also I just spent the last two hours deleting duplicate songs out of my iTunes and my music file folder, cuz everything somehow doubled when I restored my hard drive.
I promise that I will soon be back and better than ever!