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Happy Thanksgiving! November 27, 2008

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  I’m going to go spend thanksgiving at my aunt and uncles house in Denver (which is about an hour and a half away from my house)!

Have a yummy day!  I also made a header for today…it took a total of 5 minutes haha!


hand-turkey Hand Turkey!


Thanksgiving FOOD! *updated* November 25, 2008

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A wonderful post is coming tomorrow about each of the different Thankgiving foods! I bet you can’t wait!

I have been pretty busy during break, actually!  Me and my little sister, Wonderbread, have been painting our basement this really sweet green color! We also got some blue paint for polkadots after we finish the green.  We did the first coat today.  Painting is so time consuming! jeez! and I am also addicted to this fun game called Dino Run! Click HERE play it! I love it!

Get ready for an awesome post tomorrow! And a second coat of green paint on my basement! woohoo!


P.S. Oh and i also replied to peoples comments like on the last post and on a page and on an earlier post….yeah 🙂

Here’s the food post now…

Thanksgiving Food (in no particular order)


Turkey:  The main dish of the feast.  The universal sign of thanksgiving.  The Turkey.  I prefer the dark meat – it tends to be less dry if the turkey was over-cooked.  I always put gravy all over it!  My uncle usually carves our turkey.  Its really funny to watch cuz he’s not that goo but my dad calls it “poetry in motion”.  Its funny!  Sometimes theres a bag of giblets (turkey organs, like heart, liver etc) that you can use for gravy, but I find that DISGUSTING!  heheh

Mashed Potatoes:  My uncle also makes the mashed potatoes.  He uses a beater to make the potatoes really light and fluffy, and its so good!  He also beats in milk and salt and lots of butter so its really creamy and delicious!  I love it!  Its probably really unhealthy with all that butter but WHO CARES?!  Like, really, who cares about health stuff on Thanksgiving?!? haha.  Oh and I also pour tons of gravy on it too 🙂


Stuffing: Probably one of my favorite dishes.  It used to be cooked inside the turkey until some people found out that uncooked turkey juices could get in there and not be cooked so it could make you sick.  So now its separate from the turkey!  I love this dish, but I actually have no idea whats in it.  its still yummy

Sweet Potatoes:  I actually really don’t like this dish!  The texture is gooey and sticky and hot, and its way too sweet for me!  And the vivid orange color and weird smell also puts me off a bit.  Anyone like this dish who wants to tell us why they do?

Green Beans:  These are always the vegetable dish at our thanksgivings.  I don’t know how they’re cooked but they end up tasting ok.  They are definatly not my favorite but my mom makes me eat them cuz she’s a mom and they are veggies.

Gravy: Soooo good!  It goes on my turkey and my mashed potatoes.  It couldn’t be thanksgiving without gravy!

Cranberry Sauce: Its a bit sour, but its ok.  I like the color 🙂 and I actually prefer the canned stuff to the homemade stuff!  The canned stuff is a bit sweeter and the tecture is awesome!  Its so jiggly its like jello!

Pie: First, pumpkin pie.  The traditional thanksgiving desert!  Its best served cold with some whipped cream on it.  I never make it with actual pumpkin.  The canned pumpkin goop is the way to go!

Second, apple pie.  My favorite kind of pie.  I love the cinimony apple taste and then it soaks into the crust and its so good!  yum!!


WHEW!! Break is finally here! November 22, 2008

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Hey guys! My last day of school before Thanksgiving day was today!! It was a HECTIC day! Let me start with last night…

I had three math assignments due the next day.  I did most of them, but one of the assigments took up TWO WHOLE sheets of paper! front and back!! ugh!  Also my two favorite shows were on (but i didnt get to watch them cuz i was too busy) which are The Office and 30 Rock.  I also had gymnastics! I got to bed at 11:30 and had to wake up at 5:30 this morning.  Then i caught the bus and went to school.  I studied for my math test before school started, and then i went to math for 1st period.  I took the test, but I wasn’t sure how I did.  On one of the problems, I got all these weird fraction answers. They might be right, but getting x=85/7 and y=97/7 is a little unconvincing.

new paragraph! i had world history second period. we were practicing writing thesis statements. I will tell you more about our project that requires a thesis later.  Third period was science.  we are watching Osmosis Jones, which is about the cells and everything that live inside this guy’s body and all the white blood cells are cops and its a huge city and stuff. its hilarious :).  Then we had this assembly.  There was a lot of random sports where they would pick people out of the crowd and they would go down and play things like “extreme musical chairs”.  Oh yeah.  well after that I started heading to Catering class when…GASP!!! OH NO!!!! Where was the check my lovely mommy gave me this morning to put in my school account for my lunch money!! ahh! it was for 30$! where was it! I ran around under and on top of the bleachers and down a ton of halls for about 10 minutes. I finally gave up and went to catering.  I whispered “sorry” as i walked in really late.  She was explaining how to make cranberry Chuttney.  When everyone went into the kitchen to cook, I told her why I was late.  She smiled and handed me…my CHECK.  …WHAT!?!?!??! I was shocked! “B-b-b-but-what?” She said someone had found it and given it to her cuz she was helping out with the assembly. She then was like “oh i have her in my next class” so it was all better! yaaaay!!!!!

new paragraph time again! well we made the Chuttney…which turned out to be disgusting and sour…and spicey at the same time cuz the recipe said to put tabasco sauce in it for some reason…anyway…I bought some teriyaki lunch and went to my world history teacher for help on my thesis.  i wrote it and then went to choir for 6th period.  I had to finish my spanish hw WHILE dancing and singing to christmas songs in choir haha.  It was hard.  I managed to finish and went to spanish, which was ok but i had to finish my L.A. hw in spanish! I had to finish a ton of hw cuz i didnt’ have time last night, ok? anyway L.A. went smoothly too and then I came HOME!

Phew! I worked on my folder entry for the RedCowz contest.  Here is my pic: http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn168/JamLover/folderfinished.png

Its good, huh?

Anyway, I also went out to dinner tonight with some friends on my family.  The parents talked while their kids and friend….one buy my age and one boy and his friend my sister’s age went outside on the golf green and played hide-and-seek and kick the can.  It was fun! I just got back…like an hour ago…yeesh! I have been on the PC for a while! I had to finish my entry AND now I’m typing this HUGE long post!

Hm…I guess I’ll stop now!  If you read all of that….Congratulations!!


P.S. I will have more time to post this week because I have this week off for Thanksgiving! Yay! I’ll make another post about thanksgiving dinner and stuff.

P.S.S. Do you think my posts are too personal? Like too centered around me?  I’m just wondering, so please tell me cuz I don’t want you guys to think I’m self-obsessed or anything.  I love you all!  JavaLlama! Ilan! Josh! Opus! Chad! Olly! Logan! Krygox!

Im Sick! November 18, 2008

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DARN PATHOGENS!! How did you get through my three lines of defense? And where are my Helper T cells?! They should be making antibodies right now!  And where are my Memory cells!  I know that this isn’t the first time I have had this disease! and get those darn Cytotoxic T cells in there! DESTROY THOSE ANTIGENS! And my white blood cells should be destroying the pathogens!

Haha I’m learnin about the immune system in Bio.  But I really am sick.  Which is kinda ironic because I just learned all the ways my body proctects itself agaisnt these little diseases.

Ugh I feel like crap I’m going back to bed.

G’night! …at 8:30 in the morning!

Watch It! November 15, 2008

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Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in a while! I just loved having the People I Remember post up for a while!

So anyway, I posted this vid already but I don’t think many people watched it…WATCH IT PLEASE!

And tell me if you think its funny, or you think that I’m crazy because I think its hilarious! heheh!



People I Remember November 9, 2008

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I FINALLY FINISHED!! HERE IT IS! If you think you or someone you know inspired me, please remind me and I’ll add them to this post! Thanks!!

Hey guys!  I decided to make a post dedicated to all of the people who have inspired, helped, or just been my friend ever since I started blogging way back…I dunno when but I sent an email to wordpress support asking! Well, I will start as far back as I can remember… (THIS LIST IS IN ORDER FROM FIRST PEOPLE I REMEMBER TO THE NEWEST)

SanityPenguin: He was a very sucessful CP blogger way back a long time ago.  His shut down site is at http://sanitypenguin.wordpress.com/.  He was pretty much my idol and a CP pro.  One day he just stopped posting, and now, years later, he made a shut down post.  He was the one who got me started on CP blogging and I would like to thank him.

Gooseluver and Peffe: Gooseluver was the older sister, and Peffe was the younger brother.  Gooseluver was the first commenter ever on my Club Penguin blog, (now deleted at http://mooseluver8.wordpress.com) She and Peffe supported me in the first months on my blog.  They kept me going even when I was discouraged by low hits (now I realize that of course I had low hits! i was just beginning!)  Thanks again to them.  Peffe and Gooseluver have since quit blogging and CP, but I will always remember them 🙂

Krygo/KrygoX: His blog is still up at http://krygox.wordpress.com and I recently told him to make a new post…and he did! Yay! If more people go there, he will make more posts. Anyway, he was amung the first of my CP blog as well and he probably still remembers Gooseluver and Peffe 🙂

Icy Fresh 2: His blog was probably the most sucessful CP blog in CP history.  He would have over 100 comments on each of his posts, and I would always go there for CP info to put on my site 🙂  His site is long gone now.  He quit cuz someone called 1 Fiddly (if i remember correctly) hacked his penguin.  He created a new one for a bit, but it wasn’t the same for him.

Holagurrl25/Gossipgurl25:  She had a really sucessful CP site but I don’t really know why 🙂 I was pretty jealous, cuz she would always update late and she never was consistant but she still had tons of viewers.  I remember plotting with some other people to hack her site, but we didn’t know how to hack and also we couldn’t find someone to hack her so that plan failed 🙂 so then I went on just prety much ignoring her lol.  She has a new site at http://pigwonders.wordpress.com but hasn’t updated since June.

JavaLlama: This guy is amazing.  His site, http://javallama.wordpress.com used to be a CP blog.  He visited my site and asked me for help making his own site.  I helped, and now look at him! He has moved on from CP blogging to random stuff blogging!  He was and still is my online best friend and the person I have known the longest online.

Fylliper/Josh: I still remember your FCPS (fyllipers club penguin stuff) awards!  He had many contests.  They were kinda like CPNTM (club penguin next top model) contests where you would send in a pic of your penguin dressed up for the weeks theme.  I remember I won once and I was a judge once! It was a lot of fun!

Dendo Guy: He was one of my old CP friends as well.  His blog is still up at http://penguinpartyzone.wordpress.com but he almost never updates.  He always was on time with updates and a great blogger.

Now, my freinds incude: (in no particular order) Javallama, Ilan, Krygo, Aguair, Adam, Chad, Olly, Opus, and Logan and JOSH! Sorry Josh I can’t believe I forgot you!

Thank you all so much for inspiring me!!!!


P.S. Should I make this post into a page?


The Show Is Over!! November 9, 2008

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Well, Footloose is finally over!  I got to school yesterday at 12:30 and we got ready for the matinee show at 2:00, but we were a bit late because the fire alarm went off 😛  After the matinee show that my parents went to, we got ready for the second show and ate dinner really fast.  The second show of the day was the last show!  After the last show, we went to the lead actor’s house and we had the after party.  We got there at 10:30 pm.  Then we ate some really good food, watched the slideshow of pictures from the show (there was one of me in a locker!) and the cast captians handed out superlatives (like awards for best actor/actress, best crew member, biggest blunder etc).  After that we danced in the basement and hung around and talked until 1:30 am!

It was so much fun! but its all over! NOOO! 🙂

sorry i didnt post a lot in the past few weeks, but ill be back on track now! Thanks guys!


P.S. check out this totally random vid! Its so funny! STREBLO!

Election Day! November 5, 2008

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Hey guys! I would be on the bus on my way home from school, but I am HOME!

Today was the first show of FootLoose!  We got to skip school and perform in the theater while the other kids were in class!! haha!  The show started at about 9:30 when all the 6th grade middle school kids who were on a field trip to see us finally came.  Nothing serious went wrong, only a minor mishap regarding a stool.  Anyway, after the show everyone went out to lunch to Red Robin and then we all went home early! yaay!

Anyway, tonight is…ELECTION NIGHT!  Tonight (probably really late) we will find out who the new president of the U.S. is!  Yes!! I can’t wait!  As you can tell from my header, I am hoping it will be Barack Obama!!

I didnt post this post as early as I would’ve liked, but it looks like Obama is gonna win!


now im not trying to be mean!! McCain would’ve made a good prez but his VP choice was stupid 😉

and just think of all the black people who thought this day would never ever come! this is a huge step in the process of eliminating racism! yay!


yay! still really busy with crew so i gotta go! bye!

New Header November 3, 2008

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Hi guys! Its late so im gonna make this post quick

its almost show time for footloose! we are doing an morning show for a middle school field trip so i get to miss schoo, but still be in school but just in the theater lol but the stage director is cool and lets us go out to lunch after the show (which ends at like noon) and then we can go home! sweet!

i also made a obama header inspired by JavaLlama’s.  Oh, and I WON his contest! Woopee!! Thanks to all who voted for me! All the entries were great!

Well im so tired im going to bed! G’night!


jeez i wrote that post in like 2 minutes lol