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9/11 September 14, 2009

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Yes this is posted on September 14th.  I’m a busy person, so shut up. lol

But seriously just take a moment to think of all the kids who saw their dad go to work like any other day and he never came home.  Or all the husbands who dropped their wives off at work, drove away, and then looked back to see the Twin Towers collapsing with their loved one inside.




1. ZzKingz - September 15, 2009

my brother was born on that day.

2. drkshadow17/drk - September 19, 2009

my dad was near the twin towers when it happened. (hes fine tho)

3. ZzKingz - September 20, 2009

that was awful! i didn’t hear about it until about two years after WBFUDC (would be funny under different circumstances)

4. ☢Aqua Blue Sr☢ - October 7, 2009

Yup, my little brother was born on that day. Fits his personality, though! WBFUDC like Z said.

5. uTURN BOOSHWAH - October 1, 2012

My sister Susan and her b-friend were on the bridge stuck and they called us in Florida and then under same bridge is were the truck bomb was. Then i find out from my son the my x wife,her nephew works in the twin and did not go to wrk that day and his dad NYPD.

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