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THIS IS A POST January 31, 2009

Posted by Opus in Uncategorized.

Hi this is opus! I know i have not posted for a while but i have been busy(not as busy as carly lol). I have not seen much of carly but im sure she is somewhere being carly-ish 😀 . Lets ask a question to give this post a reason!

Q:  What comic(daily funnies comic) do you enjoy reading? And whats your favorite character?


So Stressed! January 27, 2009

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

Hey all,
I am pretty stressed right now! I have a huge project due on Feb 6 and I haven’t done a lot 😛
Have you guys ever been under huge stress? Do tell 🙂
Oh, and the little snowy dragon hatched!!
–> clicky clicky ova there! —> —>
Thanks for you patience with my lame-o posts guys 😉

Inauguration @ School January 24, 2009

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Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been posting…I have been very very busy!  I have a lot of projects…and I really need to get cracking on one of them in particular…heheh 😛

Anyway, on Tuesday, you all know that Obama got inaugurated! Woohoo!  I just wanted to show you guys some pictures of the showing of the inaugruation at me school.  During 3rd period, most of the students got let out of class to go to the student center (the place with all the lockers) and watch it on a projector that had been set up there.  I got there only ten minutes before the actual inauguration because I had to finish a Bio lab, so it was already crowded…but crowded is a major understatement!!  There were people squished onto the floor, packing into the side entrances to the student center, and everyone who couldn’t get onto the floor…climbed.

inaug-2 That is my backpack, another kid’s bag, and my sweatshirt on the ground there! (check out my sweet shoes) I used a handrail to climb that wall and get up to where I could see the TV!! Click for bigger…

Here are some other pics of the incredibally crowded student center.  The white square is the TV screen, because my phone’s camera isn’t that good.

inaug  inaug-3  inaug-4  inaug-5


I work here? ™ January 23, 2009

Posted by Josh in Uncategorized.

Ello, ’tis Josh!

I just realised that there was an edit post button underneath a post on this site, and I realised that I’m an author here!


Sorry Carly, I didn’t know I was an author here, lol.  Ummmm when did you add me?

That be-eth all.


Well, he’s almost there January 22, 2009

Posted by Chad Long in Uncategorized.
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Its Chad! I cant believe its been so long since ive posted!

Welcome back everyone! I hope you haven’t missed me much! This post is mainly a tribute to my friend, Billy Unger.

Billy started out living in the city I lived in, with his brother Eric. Eric and my little brother, Coby, have been best friends since Pre-school. Ive been friends with Billy since 2nd or 3rd grade but we were never as close as our brothers.

And suddenly, when Billy was 10, him along with his whole family moved to Hollywood California. Billy has been on TV Shows like Desprate Housewives, Medium, Cold Case, and scrubs. Billy has also appeared in the hit movie, National Treasure 2. If you would like to watch all of his little clips of all the shows and movie I stated above, watch this below.

If you would like to see Billy’s Training for an upcoming film, Watch this clip:

BIlly Unger is also planned to play Demi Lovato’s little brother in her new disney series: Sonny with a Chance

Also, BIlly is starring in many upcoming movies in 09. Heres a trailer for a movie hes doing, Cop Dog.

Also, his brother, Eric, has been in many commercials all over tv. You can see one right now, its the trix commercial with the secret code on every cup. You can see it on Nick, Cartoon Network, or Disney Channel. Cant wait to see whats up ahead for these stars.

They just visited recently. Theyre very fun to hang out with!


If you can, visit my site. http://www.darnstraight.wordpress.com .

Inauguration Post January 20, 2009

Posted by Opus in Uncategorized.

Today  Barack Obama got Inaugurated! Today The United States Of America welcomed their first African-American president and for 4 (Java Llama- Opus, they serve for four and then can get re-elected for a total of eight) years their next democratic president.  Even though I never saw his oath to office (School internet messed up after the awesome music Yo-Yo Ma played) I know he messed up, but thats okay. He was, in fact, being watched by the whole world! And so with my post coming to an end, it is short but it has enough info to be sufficient, I now show you the music Yo-Yo Ma played for Obama’s Inauguration. (Yes I know its from a Japanese TV channel, but who cares?)

Carly’s Comment: Ima gonna post about the inauguration too with pics from my school inaug partay thing 😀

Java Llama’s Comment- To watch Obama’s speech, Click Here!

Chad’s Comment: Meep!

Funny Names January 20, 2009

Posted by javallama in Uncategorized.

Yesterday I spent some time transferring my name into various “name-makers.” I share the results with you for your enjoyment. If you would like to try any of these, just click the link.

If you take any of these, please share your results! The site where this all happened is Quizopolis, and its got more good stuff… so check it out!

   -Java Llama

HEY ADMINS! January 20, 2009

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Just a quick post before bedtime…
ADMINS! WHERE ARE YOU? ITS BEEN 5 whole days since my overposting thing 🙂
Naw just kidding I’m not mad at all! But make a worthy post! pleeeeeeeeeeez!
~Carly who loves you all dearly

Java Llama- Now you make me feel bad 😦

Due To Stuff… January 14, 2009

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

Hey all!
Another post from school 🙂
Because I have two big projects coming up, I probably won’t be posting as often as I nomally would. I’m hoping that my admins (you know who you are) will keep this site interesting while I am busy.

Opus: 😯 how many times did you push publish carly? And okayzzz

Chad: Haha wowzers. We get the point carly. Lol jk. 🙂

Java Llama- I agree, there is like 5 of these posts, lol

Carly: oops! well the Internet at my school was crappy and the page wouldn’t load so I just kept pressing the button lol. But I fixed now so it’s fine!

Nice Little Bloggers January 13, 2009

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Be nice little bloggers. I am having fun reading the history logs on jeeves chat. So many nice words. Lets remember that jeeves is an artificial chatterbox that if you say a certain word he will NEVER shut up.  So uhhh i really loved reading those like chads and javallamas. naughty naughty *waves fingers*. 😆  anywayszzz about carlies last cereal post..


theres my line. take or leave it. good night all.