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Guys! I might have made it to the State championships for pole vaulting! I vaulted 9 feet today, which was the height I needed to get to state, and WHAT TIMING! Today’s meet was the last chance meet to get to state! AND I DID IT! Yay! I have had pole vaulting practice EVERY DAY except for Saturdays, when I usually have meets, so it was nice for all the practice to pay off! I will keep you updated on how I do if I can!

Okay, HTTYD stands for HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON! Myy new favorite movie!! It is absolutely ADORABLE!! I LOVE IT! Go see it! I know it looks childish, but it is very sweet and there even is some epic action scenes at the end! I die of happiness every time I see it! I will probably do some fan art of it, because I am really practicing my doodling- I MEAN MY DRAWING skills! Heheh so get ready for some Toothless the *adorable* Dragon! yaaay! Go see the movie! I first saw the movie in 2-D with my family, and then I saw it again with my step-twin in 3-D (amazing!) and then we were going to movie-hop to Nightmare On Elm St but it looked scary haha so we just went into another theater that was halfway through HTTYD in 2-D so we just finished that. And then I took three other friends to see it tonight because they hadn’t seen it yet! So, yes, I have seen it 3 1/2 times. STOP JUDGING ME!!!
So, I’m totally going to post pictures and stuff that I’ve drawn soon! But my school’s finals are coming up, so I don’t know how free I will be. I had my AP Language and Composition exam last week, so I don’t have an LA final, but I have some critical finals in other classes 😦 I’m scared!
Bear with me! My birthday is coming up and I am hoping to get something like a Flip video cam so I can start posting vlogs! Cool beans!

In conclusion:
1. Wish me luck at state!
2. Go watch How To Train Your Dragon!
3. Expect some HTTYD fanart! yay!
4. Bear with me through all my tests and stuff!
5. Vlogs may come!