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Thanks Guys October 28, 2009

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

Hey guys!  Sorry.

Thanks a ton for posting Josh, and I look forward to your new site.

Unfortunately, my grandma has passed.  She had a brain hemorrhage on Friday, and she passed on Sunday.

I still have school busy-ness, but I don’t have much incentive to do any work.  I have many hours of crew coming up.  Hopefully it will keep my mind busy enough to stop dwelling on the endless questions and wonders of where my grandma is now. 

Why did it happen?  Why so fast?  Will she ever get to see my grandpa or her dog, Callie, again?  Is there a heaven?  Will I see her again there?  Will I ever get to call someone “Grandma (her name here)” ever again, maybe in whatever there is after this?  Is there something after this life?  Or do we just disappear?

My life-long friends have been really helpful.  There is a few families who I have known since I was four, and one of them, Sara, drove me to school today.  Her mom also made us delicious spaghetti sauce and put it in a tupperware container in a bag along with a loaf of bread, cookies, and Izze drinks.  It was so thoughtful and kind!  My mom went off to CA the moment she heard of Grandma’s injury, so my dad has been working a job and taking care of three kids while trying to support my mom and trying to get a ticket to CA for the funeral.

I’m not going to the funeral.  I have school, tickets are expensive, and my five year old sister would probably get scared.  I would too.  I have never seen a body before, and seeing my Grandma lying there but knowing she will never talk to me again… Just seeing her there but knowing it’s not her.  The funeral is also on Halloween.  It’s not intentional or anything, but that’s just how the timing worked out.

Sigh.  I should’ve done math homework.  But I don’t really care anymore.  I do the “rocking chair test”.  When I am super old, sitting in a rocking chair and looking back on my life, what would I want to have chosen?  Will I care about math homework?  Which is more important?  My grandma and the activities that I like, or math?  Will this math hw really matter?  It may matter now, but now is a single semester of high school. not important  🙂

The next post will be more cheerful, I promise 😉




Carly? October 21, 2009

Posted by Josh in Uncategorized.


It’s Josh, I havent made a post in AGES.  Just filling in the gap.  What happened to Carly??

How have you all been?

Errr…that’s it.  By the way, I’m coming back to blogging and will be revealing my new site soon =D


I just saw Carly’s twitter widget and it said:

MoosePrints: crying. my grandma had a brain hemorage and probably wont live. really depressed. obviously.October 23, 2009

Carly, on behalf of all us and we wish your grandma a speedy recovery and that you and your family will be given peace through this time.


Hmmm…. October 1, 2009

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

It’s very windy outside
I’m very busy inside
I hope my school blows away tonight
The janitors would come out in Munchkinland and follow the yellow brick road
Quiz tomorow
Almost 11:00
Rough day
Fire alarm during 3rd
Mountain lion outside
Photoshop troubles
Chem problems
Boring US history


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