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Marley & Me December 30, 2008

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Today I saw the movie Marley & Me with my mom and two sisters.  It was a good movie, although it was a little adult to be rated only PG.  It’s about a husband and wife who get a dog to train themselves to take care of kids, basically.  The movie goes through their lives.  They have kids and go through the struggles of raising them with a huge destructive but lovable dog.  Of course, its a dog story…so the ending…yeah.  I cried.   Really hard.

Im suchh a sucker during sad movies and books!  I cried during movies like Brother Bear, and Finding Nemo (is there even a sad part in that movie?) and I cry during books like Where The Red Fern Grows (who doesn’t cry during that book) and the 6th Harry Potter book (one of my fave characters dies!)…yeah I cry alot 🙂 but never really when I get hurt.  I don’t cry if I get a cuncussion, or if I split my chin open and have to get stitches, or if I break my toes…multiple times 🙂 but I cry so much during movies and books!  Its weird.

Do you guys cry during movies and books?  What about physically getting hurt?


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ThE dRaGoN cAvE! wOoOoO!!! December 27, 2008

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Hey everyone! I hope you all had a super great Christmas/Hannukah!!

First things first, you all should click on my eggs over there —>

Because I worked hard to get that cool Christmas themed one and I don’t want it to die! Thanks!

Well, Christmas is over 😦 it was a good, fun, Christmas for me (though a little lean because of the economy) but it was fun!  But for weeks and weeks you hear tons of Christmas songs, everyone is wearing Santa hats and there are Christmas lights on houses.  Everything is so happy and then…BAM! In one day its over.  All over. ITS SO SAD!  Even with all your cool new stuff and that good feeling you get when giving other people gifts, you get that letdown feeling inside knowing that the Christmas spirit is gone and people are going to go back to being grumpy.  Lame.  There should be more Christmases, so people will be happier more of the time!

Don’t you feel it?  What are some other holidays that you feel a letdown after?

…and if you comment with an argument about how people get stressed out durin Christmas I will punch you in the throat!


merry christmas!!!! December 25, 2008

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hey everyone!!!!! I’m posting this from me new iPod touch!!! It’s so cool!! What did everyone else get? Tell everyone here! And also be sure to check out the cool NORAD post right below this one, and also vote in the poll two posts down!!
I hope everyone had a great chrismas!
P.s. Zzkingz tell me ur email so I can email u my whole stylesheet! Thanks

Opus: I got a Digital Canon Camera,A DVD player,The new Guinness World Records,Ripleys Believe It Or Not,an Awesome lego set (yes,i still find those entertaining). And some cool shirts. But another part of our presents(my brother and I) is going skiing next week at monarch colorado. Merry Christmas! :-p

Chad: I got a cellphone, new crocs, monopoly, Wii Fit, Guitar Hero world tour, Wii remotes and num chucks for wii, Maximum Ride, a butt-load of candy, 2 new hoodies, money, and fun.

Java Llama-

  • Wacom Bamboo Tablet (Amazing)
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements (Amazing)
  • Books (Tales of Beedle the Bard, Comic Strip Book)
  • UnderArmor Beanie
  • Home-Made Llama Tie
  • Alarm Clock
  • Clothes
  • 200 Dollars (Thanks Grandpa!)

I got some other stuff but thats all off of the top of my head 🙂

Carly’s Update:  Its slow writing on my ipod touch, so I am adding the other stuff I got…

  • A laptop lap desk thing (it has a cushion on the bottom that sits on my lap and a hard top for my laptop so the laptop doesnt heat up so much)
  • A laptop bag to transport my laptop safely in (it looks real sweet, too)
  • GUITAR HERO WORLD TOUR!! (its actually my sisters but its fun to play together)
  • And some christmas tree chaped cards from my grandma haha
  • oh and my sister is going to buy me these sweet gloves later!!

Military Tracks Santa’s Route! December 24, 2008

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Military Is Tracking St. Nick! :-p Article from Yahoo.com .  ~Opus!~

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Who says Santa Claus doesn’t exist?

The military personnel charged with being the eyes in the sky are certainly acting like he does — and they’ve been joined on the Internet by millions of believers.

Even doubters have reason to pause when they hear the North American Aerospace Defense Command — or NORAD, which monitors air and space threats against the U.S. and Canada — is in charge of the annual Christmas mission to keep children informed of Santa’s worldwide journey to their homes.

“They challenge it, but only to a point,” said Senior Master Sgt. Sharon Ryder-Platts, 49, who for five years has been a Santa tracker, taking calls from those wanting to know the location of jolly old St. Nick.

According to NORAD, Santa began his latest flight early Wednesday at the International Date Line in the Pacific Ocean. Historically, Santa visits the South Pacific first, then New Zealand and Australia. NORAD points out that only Santa knows his route.

Last year, NORAD’s Santa tracking center answered 94,000 calls and responded to 10,000 e-mails. About 10.6 million visitors went to the Web site, which can be viewed in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese and Chinese.

NORAD’s holiday tradition can by traced to 1955, when a Colorado Springs newspaper printed a Sears, Roebuck & Co. ad telling children of a phone number to talk to Santa. The number was one digit off, and the first child to get through reached the Continental Air Defense Command, NORAD’s predecessor.

Col. Harry W. Shoup answered.

Shoup‘s daughter, Terri Van Keuren, said her dad, now 91, was surprised to hear that the little voice on the other end thought he was Santa.

“Dad thought, `What the heck? This must be some kind of code,'” said Van Keuren, 59.

Shoup, described by his daughter as “just a nut about Christmas,” didn’t want to break the boy’s heart, so he sounded a booming “Ho, ho, ho!” and pretended to be Santa Claus.

Enough calls followed that Shoup assigned an officer to answer them while the problem was fixed. But Shoup and the staff he was directing to “locate” Santa on radar ended up embracing the idea. NORAD picked up the tradition when it was formed 50 years ago.

“If we didn’t do it, truly I don’t know who else would track Santa,” Maj. Stacia Reddish said.

The task that began with no computers and only a 60-by-80-foot glass map of North America now includes two big screens on a wall showing the world and information on each country Santa Claus visits. It took off with the Web site’s 1997 launch, Reddish said.

Now, curious youngsters can follow Santa’s path online with a Google two-dimensional map or in 3D using Google Earth, where he can be seen flying through different landscapes in his sleigh.

NORAD officials are hesitant to list all the potential sites Santa will visit with certainty.

“Historically, Santa has loved the Great Wall of China. He loves the (Space) Needle in Seattle. He of course loves the Eiffel Tower,” Reddish said. “But his path is completely unpredictable, so we won’t know.”

Ryder-Platts, 49, who has a 17-year-old son, said taking calls from children helps her keep her Christmas spirit.

“For someone like myself, my son is older, you know it just keeps you in touch with the spirit of Santa Claus,” she said. “I miss out on that at home so this keeps me close to Santa. I believe! It keeps me in touch with other believers.”

Merry Christmas! Felice Navidad! and Happy Hanukkah! and Kwanzaa! and a happy Chinese New Year!

Do Da Poll! December 24, 2008

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Heres a lovely little poll for you all!! Please vote!


Frostbite! Woohoo! December 23, 2008

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So I got some minor frostbite on my toes…yeah.  lol Iwas walking in the snow for a while and then I was waiting out in the snow for my dad to pick me up. I was wearing my vans shoes which are just made of canvas on the sides and they got really wet.  The shoes look like this but they have a sweeter design than just checks.

 (click for bigger size)

So yeah while I was waiting and while I was in the car my toes were really cold and kinda tingly.  When I got home, I forgot about them and was just chillin on the couch, with my wet socks, but then I noticed that the skin on the tips of my toes felt really weird…like it was loose.  I took my socks off and my skin wasn’t loose, but it was white and when I pushed on it it felt kinda squishy, like wax.  I put some wool socks on and then googled “frostbite” and learned that my toes had the beginning stages of frostbite! yikes!  well thats what you get for wearing vans in December in Colorado, I guess 😀

Heres a pic of my lovely toes: frostbite-toes

yaaaay! lol


I Throw my Shoe at your President! December 21, 2008

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That joke shall never die! Yes, I have posted AGAIN! Just to annoy you. :-p

4 more days till Christmas! And Hannukah and Kwanzaa and The Chinese New Year. With only 4 more days to go i will keep you entertained by humorous videos like the last video i showed you 😈 . This time I ASSURE YOU its not scary lol. But right now i have random (and funny) things to tell you. These are funny things i thought up to entertain you. 1. is real though. and 3. im sure happens alot. and 2. is so common you dont notice it.

1.I was in my car looking out the window and saw a church coming up as my dad drove across the interstate. As we passed it i saw the sign. It read “Holy Church Of God”. Then we passed the church. Then next door there was another building. THIS sign read “XXX Adult Peep Show”.  Then as we passed both buildings i could see they were ALMOST right next to each other. 😆 and 🙄 . The question is. WHICH WAS BUILT FIRST?

2.At school yesterday i notived that teachers find no interest in their job what so ever. Why do I say that? well theres the part where their the first out of the class when the bell rings.

3.As i was heading out to our car with my brother and mother I saw a kid walking down a sidewalk on the side of out local mall. He saw a Santa worker. The Santa was off duty.Talking on his Cell Phone. TO his soon to be ex girlfriend. He was quite mad at his girlfriend and was yelling vulgar words. The kid heard these words and ran away crying screaming ”SANTA WANTS TO KILL MRS.CLAUS!!! DADDY! MOMMY!!”

Did you know that a lady who was saved from a car crash by her coworker pulling her from her car is SUING the coworker for having her paralyzed. It was the crash that Paralyzed her NOT her coworker who SAVED HER. this lady lost the law suit.Good thing to. I dub her “Selfish Idiot of 2008”. The award for this infamous honor is a slap-silly with a fish contest. First one to knock her out with ONE slap with the fish (an alaskan trout to be exact) wins. Buttt thats my own imagination. Thats how i feel about it. My own opinion. THIS is what our world has become.

Now fot the video segment of my post.

Awesome. FDR totally told bush off! FDR RULES! I have been making some pictures from screenshots i have been taking of some games i play. i edit them and make them funny. heres 2 i already made. i’ll make more soon.


I will make more later!



Christmas is Almost Here! December 19, 2008

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Hey guys!!!!  Break is finally here! I got through all my finals (not sure how I did though 🙂 ) and I finally have a break from school!  Last night there was my school’s choir concert. My school has an AWESOME choir and drama department! There are, like, nine different choirs! there’s Voices of the Knight, which is an all freshman choir, there’s Broadway Show Choir, which is a singing and dancing choir with mostly sophomores in it (like, two Juniors. this is the choir i am in), there’s Chivalry (any age guy), which is an after-school all guys choir, there’s Enchantment, which is an all girls choir (sophomore-senior girls) and there’s Age of Guinevere, a really good girls jazz choir wiith about 15 girls, theres Festival, a big Junior and Senior mixed choir, there’s Madrigals which is an acapella (no piano or anything, just singing) choir which is mostly Juniors and Seniors but a few sophomore boys.  And finally, there’s Excalibur.  Every choir kids dream is to get into Excal.  They are the best of the best.  Only seniors.  The girls have the prettiest dresses and the guys have the best suits.  They practice before school every morning and during 1st period.  They are amazing.   here is a vid of  Excal in 1990.  Its an old vid, but its the only one i could find!  They haddifferent costumes back then, and the camera is bad quality, but you get the idea!   They sing this Jingle Bells song every year, but with different choreography.  This years dance was so funny! Ill show you guys this years version if I can find one. Anyway, heres the old one…

Aren’t they AWESOME? They are amazing. wow. ok, well see ya later!!


Jesus is the reason for the season!

BRAINS…MUST *GET* BRAINS… December 18, 2008

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Im a zombie. Like, literally because I have been staying up so late studying and then getting up early to go take the tests! I also want brains…not to eat (tasty!) but to…have. Like, in my head. To be smart. Yeah.



Christmas Cheer December 15, 2008

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Weeeee happy holidays peoples. I am sooooo cheerful about Christmas that im not using the Explamation point. 😆 Hi im Opus,Josh,if you have’nt met me already. Thanks to our gracious hostess I have been added to this wonderful blog. I shall try to be less boring than usual and try to keep your brians as intertained as possible.  I think this blog is about artistic talent so i will try to add my Artistic Talents(if i have any)to this blog for your full enjoyment. All of my posts will be in different sections. this section would be the intro.

This will be the body of my post. It will have what my main point is. So heres my main story of the day. Today i noticed something very strange at school. Apperantly Fighting is a sport in Middle Schools. Because everytime someone gets in a fight everyone will be all over it cheering it on and placing bets on who will win. You never know when kids are fighting out of anger or just cause they want to entertain others. So anyway today a kid beat up another kid. It wasnt much of a fight cause one was 2 feet taller than the other. And the shorter kid was much heavier and not much muscle. So the tall kid one. He beat the kids face into the cement and kicked him around like a soccerball. Fun eh? Well everyone was saying “did you see that??” and “Anyone get that on tape??” also “that was AWESOME!!!”. The kid got knocked out and who knows what else. The winner of the fight ,i guess, got Suspention. But like i said earlier. Noone sympathizes with one fighter or the other. they see it as entertainment and cheer it on. Interesting isnt it? I could care less about each fighter. They were stupid enough to succumb to their anger so they get no sympathy from me. nor do i cheer it on.

This part is my random “no sense” part.  Heres a random video! Enjoy.

I had to show you that. 😆  ( 😈 )

This is the end part. I hope your test exams go well carlay! remember, take deep breaths and take it slowly. then reach over to see closest smart kids answers. 😆 . Just be calm about them. THANKS FOR ADDING ME!