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Whaddaya Think!? March 31, 2009

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Heidy ho, neighbors!

I was thinking (I don’t know why, because I try to avoid that dangerous activity as much as possible) that I should ask you guys about the CSS up in here.

1. Do you like the background?  Why?

2. Do you like the header? Why?

3. Do you like the header with the background?  Do they “go together”?  Since they are both pretty wild, do you think that it makes the site look too “busy”?

4. If you think the header doesn’t go well with the background, which would you rather see changed/which do you like better?

5. Do you like the color scheme?  Is it clear enough that I am into one or two colors in particular?  Is there a certain image/part or two in the background or the header that just doesn’t work?

Please tell me!  I love you’re guys’s opinions! SO LETS HEAR THEM!!  I want to know!

I am for cereal (for serious) making you comment on this post.  If you don’t, I will hunt you down and tie you up and feed you to Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster (who is a close personal friend of mine 🙂  )



If you needed to get away..To where? March 29, 2009

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Hi, It’s me,Opus. Sorry I haven’t been posting much, it’s just that i’ve been a bit busy. I haven’t talked to Carly lately so I dunno whats up with her. Amyways heres my post…
If you had a bad day. A real bad day, and you needed to go somewhere to make you feel better, where would it be? When I have bad days I want to go to Colorado and take my stress on climbing a mountain up there. But if I can’t go there I put my headphones in my ears, turn on my ipod, and take a walk in the woods. Of course this does not get rid of the matter,but does make me feel better. What do you do when you get depressed,sad,upset,or mad? Anything to calm you down? Or do you put up with it?

Giant Strawberries March 23, 2009

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

Hello, all!

I believe I owe you guys a post about giant strawberries!  Sorry, I know I promised it yesterday, but I was very busy.  I got up, ate breakfast, went to church, ate lunch at good times,  went to pole vaulting, pole vaulted for a while, drove my sister to a friends, got gas, went home, started reading Dan Brown’s (author of Da Vinci Code) other book, Angels and Demons (its really starting out good!) and then took a shower (i needed it) and went to my friends house and hung out with her and her boyfriend.  We watched YouTube and played Wii, and then did cat’s cradle, cuz we’re cool 😛  Then we played spiderman on the wii and ate, like, 5 Fun Dips each.  Then we ate Ramen noodles and watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2 until 3:00 in the morning :D.  And then we slept til 12:30, and went and ate eggo waffles and pizza rolls 🙂

So yeah I just got home a bit ago.  And now…for the main event…GIANT STRAWBERRIES!! WHOA!!

My dad bought these huge strawberries..they are GIANT! omg i took some pictures of me eating the giantest of them all…




Well, bye!


P.S. oh, and the “upgrade to pro today” pics will be gone soon, I swear!

Opus: I am related to giant strawberries. I plan to marry one and have little orange kids. Then i will wake up in my bed screaming “BOB SAGET!!” Hi carly. i has not talked to you in a while :p

Another Llama Post March 22, 2009

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This time without hats

Spring Break! March 22, 2009

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It is FINALLY Spring Break!  YES!!

I get a full week off school!  I needed it, too :mrgreen:

Do you guys get a spring break? when is it?

Oh, and I saw the movie “Knowing” …IT SUCKED!! omg it was creepy and disturbing and scary!!  It was sometimes gory too!  It scared me! Me and my two other friends were cowering in our movie seats, covering our eyes and ears.  I don’t reccomend it!  It was disturbing and had a really lame ending.  If you don’t want the ending ruined then dont read the italicized words…some kids get taken away by angels/aliens and the world ends/everyone else dies.  Then the angel/aliens drop the kids back on earth to restart the world.

Great, eh? No!!! It was soo creepy at the beginning!!!!!! ahhh!!!!!!!!!

but seriously.  dont see it.

A better post is coming tomorrow or monday about giant strawberries, so stay tuned 😛


Lazy Day March 14, 2009

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Today is gonna be a lazy day for me.  Im not gonna do much 🙂

I might edit some CSS…I might make a widget for Ilan’s  contest…I might just fold up the laptop and work on my puzzle 🙂

I like doing big puzzles.  I find them relaxing, addicting, fun, and challenging for the squishy pink thing in my head.

Anyway, I might try to finish it…its of two owls staring at you from behind some wildflowers…its 500 pieces and its pretty challenging!

Umm…I don’t know what to talk about.  Hmm…oh!  I had track yesterday after school and I was pole-vaulting and I was doing pretty good! I was almost over 9 feet so thats pretty great…

yeah. oh and I get to get out of school early on wednesday so we can take a bus over to the other high school for a track meet.  That other high school is my high school’s rival, so I hope we squash them!!

And…uhh…well I dunno.  This has to be the lamest post in the history of MoosePrints! lol!


Track, Track, Gymnastics, Then Some More Track… March 8, 2009

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Hilo my little furry friends!

I am very very sorry for the lack of posts lately.   I am really busy!  Even though it is CSAP week…

-wait- you guys dont really know what CSAPs are do you? Well, it stands for Colorado Student Assesment Program.

Basically, for three hours a day for two or three days a week we go and sit in classrooms with other kids from our grade (the classes are divided alphibetically based on last name) and we take a test.  It usually is a mix of really easy questions to wtf-I-cant-do-this questions.  There is a lot of filling in the bubbles though, which is my favorite part 🙂

Anywhoo, in elementary school, the teachers wouldn’t give us hw and they would say stuff like “get a good night’s sleep and eat a big healthy breakfast!”  In high school, the teachers give us more hw anyway and when we tell them that their hw is cutting into our balenced breakfast time, they say “you guys don’t care about CSAPs. no one likes them or tries hard on them! now do your hw.” and we say “…well, they have a point.”

CSAPs just suck.  they don’t effect our grade, colleges dont look at how well we did on them, and they are just useless.  they cost the government tons of money to print all these test books!  All the CSAPs do is rank the schools.  Just like “Fairview had the best CSAP scores so they are the best school” PSHHHHAW.  Its all a load of crap.  And if your school does well on them, the gov gives the school more money for computer labs and such.  If they do bad, they dont get as much money.  Which doesn’t make sense!


And I also have track every day after school.  And on tuesdays and thursdays I have to go to gymnastics right after track!! ahhhhhh!  But the good news is is that I just competed in my first track meet on saturday (yesterday) and I did pretty good!  I only competed in Pole Vaulting because Im not good enough at any of my other events yet, and I cleared 7 ft!! I was sooo close to clearing 8 ft it was unbelievable, but there you go.  A ton of kids didn’t even make it over 6 ft! I was pretty proud of myself.

Well, I promise I will put a greater effort into posting for you awesome peoples.  Oh, and I love reading your comments!  Do you guys ever have to do completely useless things? (like CSAPs?)


Llamas With hats March 8, 2009

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