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Ah! I’m Dying!! March 15, 2010

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I just took the SAT! It was difficult! AH!
I now own a car! But it isn’t officially mine! It’s my parent’s, and I’m allowed to use it 🙂 (its my car haha)
I am thinking about colleges. Or, rather, I am freaking out about colleges and my parents are trying to support me but everything seems so big and significant! I don’t know what I want to do or where I want to go and this whole college thing is scary!!!!
And my US History class is killing me. I hate that teacher. She is a nice person, just a terrible teacher. It sucks.
And track is everyday after school with an incompetant coach. Boo.
And I have math tutoring on tuesdays and thursdays because IB Calc 1 moves way too fast for me to figure out what is going on without help.
And choir auditions are coming up.
And my ACT class is coming up.
And the ACT test is coming up.
And track meets are coming up.
And college is coming up AHHHHHH!!!!
And I want to spend time with my best friends (Karynna and Michael! Hiiiiii!) But I am so busy with everything! Ahh!


But on the plus side, I saw Mary Poppins the musical thing today! It’s the musical group that travels around to different cities. It’s like Mary Poppins on Broadway but, you know, not on Broadway. haha
It was really good! The people I went with didn’t appreciate the complexity of the sets or the amazing scene changes or anything, but I loved it! Everything was smooth and wonderful! The music is so catchy and the characters are hilarious and the little boy wore a sweater vest, knickers, knee high socks, and one of those English caps and I wanted to hug him and take him home he was SO CUTE!! I loved it. I love all musicals haha
But it was so cute and amazing and there was really cool tap dancing and really catchy songs. My favorite was, of course, Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious. (spelling? haha) It was really cool because they started spelling it and they had this really fast dance that went to the spelling! It was awesome. I found this video of it (the spelling bit starts at about 50 seconds in)
The version I saw I think was a lot better than this, but that’s probably because it was live 😉
I seriosly could have watches this again right after I saw it, though.
Anyway, that was a great show to see the day after my SAT test. Almost 5 hours of rigorous, draining, tiring, difficult, testing. Ugh.
Well, I am super busy, and I am planning on visiting lots of colleges over Spring Break. I hope to be able to post more, but it is more difficult to post because that requires a chunk of free time on the computer. Which I don’t have 😛
I have a Twitter account that I can update on my phone, though, and that is pretty easy to update. My username is MoosePrints (duh haha) so you can keep track of me there, too!
I love blogging, I love computers, I love digital/computer art, and I love YOU!
Stick with me through this tough time! It will get better. Right? PLEASE TELL ME IT GETS BETTER!!!