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Rawr! April 24, 2010

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

Hi everyone!!

So I am keeping busy!  PROM is coming up!  wow!  Since I am a junior, I am allowed to go this year!  I didn’t get asked 😦  but I’m still going.  Some friends and I rented a limo and we are all going together!

Wooooooo!  Haha well right now I am a DeviantArt obssesed weirdo who is trying to become a somewhat good artist 😛  I will post some of my doodles soon!

Well, I’m going to bed.  I have an ACT prep class tomorrow 😦  (carly dies a little bit inside during those classes. pray for her)

Keep in touch, everyone!



Still Dying April 4, 2010

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oh man oh man!
junior year is really stressful!
with the SAT scores in, it is now time to take the ACT
and worry more about my GPA
and about colleges
and scholerships
and track

but on the plus side I got a 2030 on my SAT! I don’t know yet the percentile thing of this, so I don’t really know how the score is compared to everyone else, but I found out that I got a 97 percentile on the math section!
That means that I did better than 97% of the other kids who took it! YEAH!
haha but no time to rest! ACT time!

Sorry this post is fast and rushed and doesn’t have capital letters and stuff like that, but I need to leave for pole vaulting in a second!
P.S. I have been thinking of trying to do a vlog with my dad’s flip camera thing. what do you guys think about that?