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Waaaaaaaaaahooo! August 29, 2008

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Hey everybody!
Congratulations to all the people who saw the ‘Protected Post’.

Ive taken carly’s advice in the post below into effect.

CPfantastic will post a Club Penguin related post every month.
And the funny pics will be posted everyday!

So today’s funny pic is…

I thought it was really funny!
More coming soon!

~ CPfantastic

Advertisments (Because of ‘Protected Post’ viewing):

Java Llama



Ssssso Sssssso Ssssssorry August 29, 2008

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

Im a ssssnake! lol like on the title haha…

well im sssssorry i havent been possssssting a lot I am ssssssswamped with homework 😦 and I have taken up watching South Park online (its a pretty innapropriate but funny show i dont think my parents would like it if they knew i was watching it) (if you are under 15 dont watch it heheh)

anyway i also have (this is what i usually have for hw each week)

math every night, spanish every night, science 3 nights, world history 1 night, and l.a. 3 nights

and I have gymnastics 2 days a week and im going to do crew for the musical. (its a dancing-type musical and i cant dance! so i didnt try out) and Im trying to learn how to use GIMP (if you are good at it, email me so i can ask you questions mooseluver8@comcast.net 😉 ) and also The Office is gonna be on soon so i gotta get prepared for that 😉

ugh so busy but I will persevere.

oh, and cpfantastic you are now an editor and also just remember that i try to keep CP talk to a minimum here. your post is fine and dandy but try to do a CP-related post only once a month or so. and keep posting with funny pics and stuff (try www.worth1000.com and click on “contests”

PLEASE VOTE FOR ME AT http://javallama.wordpress.com/current-contest/



oh and heres my first GIMP pic!

 the smiley worm scared the silly frog under the pruple tree! click on it for a bigger pic with better resolution

Protected: ((Look under this post twice to SEE!)) August 28, 2008

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

VOTE! PLEASE!!! IM BEHIND!!! August 28, 2008

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!!!!! HURRY!!!! http://javallama.wordpress.com/current-contest/

Watex MUST give up his CP Cheats/Glitches. August 26, 2008

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Update: Watex now knows that the emails were FAKE.
But now he has to submit all his cheats and glitches all over again.


In other news, I will post a SECRET post on the DELAYED UNTIL SOME TIME TODAY (For english users, today).
Heres how to work out the Password:

**** You must use all the Capital Letters to spell a word ****
**** The password will be Spelt in CAPTIAL LETTERS on the password box not LOWERCASE ****

After the %, the word starts.


i wish i Could go on holidAy, it would be wicked! Really, it would! lets go and have a Laugh with Your friends. MoOseprints is the best Site Ever!


So, did you spell it right?
If you did…Use it on the post above!

I WON!! YES!!!! August 25, 2008

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Hey guys!! Thanks to all who voted for my in the Redcowz logo contest! I WON!!! awesome! I won a virtual ribbon (on my sidebar) and I get to be a contributor on his site for 3 days! BUT YOU GUYS SITLL HAVE TO VOTE FOR ME AT JAVALLAMAS SITE!! click HERE i already made my first post! and it has a funny pic!! So MoosePrints doenst feel left out, I’ll put a funny pic here too… TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA IGUANAS!!!! Iguana’s in a…half shell?…IGUANA POWER!!!!!


Introducing…my sister!!!! August 25, 2008

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She now has a wordpress account. her username is Wonderbread and she will be around here (i hope 😉 )

her site is http://wonderbread.wordpress.com. she hasnt posted much yet but if she starts getting visitors im sure she will post more! try to help her feel at home here at wordpress. thanks!

P.S. please keep voting for me at http://javallama.wordpress.com/current-contest/ ! thanks!

Carly From Moose Prints Had an Entry…E-E-I-O!!!! August 24, 2008

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Thanks for the games post CPfantastic!

and i also have another entry one of javallama’s contests!! So i made another song!!! its sung to the tune of “Old McDonald”

Carly from Moose Prints had an entry E-I-E-I-O! And all her friends voted for her, E-I-E-I-O!!! With a Vote, Vote here and a Vote, Vote there! Here a vote, there a vote, everywhere a Vote Vote! Carly from Moose Prints had an entry…E…I…E…I…OOOOOOOO!!!!

So go there at http://javallama.wordpress.com/current-contest/ AND VOTE FOR ME!!! or you can just vote for someone else…or you can just not vote at all and just look at the pictures…or you can just go to the site and not look at the pictures…or you can just not click the link. your choice, but i like the first one the best 😉

please vote!


The Game Directory (Sorry if this is a early post). August 22, 2008

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Welcome to the GAME DIRECTORY!
Here you can find all the games to play!

– A-Z



There was some miniclip games for you to play!

# (Numbers):

Hope you enjoyed them.
Just something to do while you wait for Carly or Me to post.

Hey!..And news August 21, 2008

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Hello! Im CPfantastic…
You may know me from

http://mooseluver8.wordpress.com (Admin)
http://cpfantastic.wordpress.com (Main)
http://cpftricks.wordpress.com (Main)
http://funguin.wordpress.com (Blogroll)

But i’m here to keep the british people entertained!
Because i’m british, I will post British posts about British things.
If you know what I mean!

I hope you enjoy me helping Carly on this Blog….

And I’m proud to announce my real name is Jayden (I hate it!).


And i hope that Carly will make me a admin so i can publish posts straight away…
Sorry if it takes a long time to post, Guys!

Moose’s Comment: Im so sorry I didnt notice this sooner! The old wordpress dashboard layout was so much easier to notice things. This post shouldve been up on July 7th! Sorry!!!

(Respond to Carly’s Comment): Well, thats ok. But i was wishing to update the Funness page with a game called ‘Hit the Clown’ that i made with Game Maker 7. So, yeah, thanks anyway.

This is a line to tell you that the following is news.

Many UK Sport lovers would like to hear,

Tim Brabants wins Britain’s 18th Gold Medal in the Olympic Games!
(No im not talking about the Penguin Games in Club Penguin).


The 31-year-old dominated the race from the start, finishing almost a boat’s length ahead of the defending champion, Norway’s Erik Veraas Larsen.

Brabants crossed the finishing line in 3 min 26.323 sec to win Britain’s first ever canoeing Olympic gold medal.

Brabants adds Olympic gold to his world and European titles.

Starting in lane five, Brabants led from the very start of the race at the Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park, holding off the challenge of Adam van Koeverden at the 500m stage.

The Canadian faded in the closing 250m stages as 2004 champion Larsen made his move, but Brabants held firm to clinch historic gold.


More news will be coming soon!
NOTE: Soon this post will be edited so i can advertise my new CP Thread.

~ CPfantastic