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Sliced!!! July 28, 2009

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I was at Quiznos…innocently slicing and stacking pepperonis…when part of the slicer started to come apart. It was nothing serious, but a few pepperonis could fall on the floor, so I tried to grab it. But the slicer was on automatic and before I could fix it, it swung back towards the blade.
I felt a jerk of some sort radiate through my hand, and for a second, I knew what had happened but I didn’t feel any pain. I now had a massive amount of adreniline my brain had just released as a result to my injury, so I stopped the slicer and pulled off the latex glove that I wear so I don’t touch peoples food. The glove had a clean cut hole right in the fingerprint area of my middle finger of my right hand. I looked at my finger. The slice was kindof an 8 shape. It was thin in the middle and had two deeper parts on the top and bottom. I said something about cutting
Myself to my coworker, Steven, and then blood started to blossom from the middle of the two deeper parts. “Oh God!” I said. I then held my finger up and looked at it from the side. It was kinda flattish where my fingerprint area should be. “Oh God!” I said again, and I’m sure my facial expression was a good one!
More coming soon!!


Terrible Day July 21, 2009

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I had the worst day ever today!! Firstly, I looked at the wrong week for my work schedule, so I got up early to bike there
but a bunny jumped out in front of my bike! So I swerved away but I was going fast and I was going towards a tree so I did a ninja-like jump off my bike! Everything would have been fine if my stupid shoelace hadn’t caught on my handlebar so i still sorta hit the tree. I scraped the back of my right knee, my upper arm, and I hurt my left knee rather badly. It’s swelled up and painful 😦
So I got to work, and realized that I had the evening shift. So I biked home (painfully cuz of my knee) and read some Harry Potter 7! Teehee! All my evening shifts are usually 5-8 but a little after 4 I learned I was supposed to be at work at 4!!! I raced down there and started working. I had to slice 2 turkey things, and 1 ham, steak, roast beef, capicola, pepperoni, salami, Swiss cheese, and mozzerela cheese!! So much! This was also my first time closing the store while my coworker Riley, who was just hired two weeks ago, washed the dishes. But, we screwed up and left the back door a little open because we were about to leave through it, and the alarm went off. We sorted it out though, and then left 🙂
It was a bad day. Have you guys see had a terrible say?

HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!! July 15, 2009

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I saw Harry Potter last night at midnight!! It was so much fun! Me and my friend drove there at 9 and saved everyone seats. We were one of the last people to get good seats! We then played cards and word warp on my iPod to pass the time. We even had a Harry Potter trivia game! We had about 4 hours to kill, so to save money we put our jackets on our seats and wLked over to buy 2 dollar extra large slushies from 7-11 instead of 4 dollar movie theater slushies. One of my friends brought Oreos, another brought bags of gummy worms from Target, and I brought two bags of popped popcorn from my house!!! It was great!! I didn’t get to bed till 4:00 this morning, but it was worth it!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU HARRY POTTER!!!!


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Chicken Carbonara, Classic Italian, and Turkey Ranch n’ Swiss! July 14, 2009

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The title is the names of my three favorite sandwiches at Quiznos! Yay!  Today at Quiznos, an exciting thing happened!

You may have heard of the Torpedo.  A long, thin sandwich that I think would be difficult to eat because it’s so thin.  ANYWAY… two new sandwiches came out today!  First was the Cabo Turkey.  It has Chipoltle Mayo, bacon, turkey, quacamole, and cheddar cheese! Tasty!  But even bigger news…The Bullet came out!  It is like a shorter torpedo!  The torpedos look like this…

The Bullets have their own, shorter sleeve thing but the same great flavors.  I can tell the difference from all the torpedos in this picture without help, too!  From the left, it goes Big Kahuna Tuna, Turkey Club, Italian, Beef Bacon & Cheddar, and finally the Pesto Turkey!  They all seem yummy, and the Bullets have the same flavors as the torpedos!

Pretty sweet, eh!?!?  Yeah this is probably a really boring and lame post isn’t it.  Yeah it is.  Huh. Its about quiznos sandwiches.

Well lets spice up this post with some FAIL!

Yay fail!  Fail pics, you will never fail to make me laugh!

 fail cow

haha FAIL!!!

fail cars

The little car wins!

I hope you liked those! There are lots more in my saved pics for later posts, so STAY TUNED!!


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Summer Reading :( JavaLlama :D July 4, 2009

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Hey guys! Its JULY!  And its four days into July! That means…

Its July 4th! Also known as FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!!  WOOOHOO!

This is the day where us Americans celebrate the fact that we are no longer controled by those weird crumpet-and-tea-loving people over across the ocean.  Also known as the English.


Anyway, this holiday is celebrated by having pool parties, wearing read white and blue stuff, eating hot dogs and hamburgers, and watching/shooting fireworks.  It is in no way related to us gaining our independance 😛

Tomorrow, I plan on going to a giant buffet/BBQ thing that the pool I’m a member at is having.  There will be diving/biggest splash/coolest trick contests, other games, yummy food, prizes, and my friends there!  yay!  Then I will probably go to Folsom field and watch the big fireworks! It’ll be fun!

What are you guys doing for fourth of July?

ALSO! Javallama isn’t dead! Since he quit his blog, I haven’t heard from him! I’m really happy that he commented and let us know that he didn’t fall down a well or something. YAY JAVALLAMA!

ALSO AGAIN! I have summer reading 😦 ewww!  I have to read the following books and annotate them. Annotating is like finding symbolism, themes, and motifs in the book and underlining them and making notes on the pages. It sucks. I have to read Angela’s Ashes, Black Boy, The Crucible, The Awakening, and The Scarlet Letter.  They all sound REALLY BORING.  I’ve started Black Boy and it is just about the life of a black boy during the time of discrimination after slavery was abolished and stuff. yaay. not.

I hope you all have a super fantastic July 4th!


P.S. Sorry I haven’t been visiting everyone’s blogs recently.  I am rather addicted to Sims 3! 😛