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I’m Back! Funny Clip! June 28, 2009

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Hey guys! I’ve got my computer back! Since I feel bored and boring at the same time, I’m not going to try to write a cool post 😛

Instead, take a look at this clip from Family Guy! Its funny!

haha!! yaay!


In The Mountains June 21, 2009

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Posting from my iPod again because I decided not to bring my laptop up to the mountains. We are just spending one night here (which was last night) because my sisters preschool had a campout party near Leadville and we went to say hi, but we didn’t want to camp (it was cold and rainy) so here we are at the condo!
Today is fathers day, but my family can’t do a celebration or anything because my dad has to fly to Seattle to start his new job! Yaay! He has been looking for. Job for so long and I’m glad he finally found one.
So work at Quiznos is going good! I’m slowly learning the different sandwiches and I am starting to be able to use the register without it beeping error messages at me! The problem with being the new kid, though, is that when I work evening shifts I don’t know how to close up and all that stuff so I just have to spend an hour up to my elbows in water washing containers and pots and knives and ladles.
It’s long and mind-numbing, but it’s not hard work.
Do you guys have jobs? What do you do to make money?

Stupid Weekdays June 19, 2009

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Hey guys! Posting from iPod because my mom doesn’t want me on the computer on weekdays during the summer 😦 I’m sorry! And the computer time I can get, I spend it on deviantart.com cuz that place can be really funny if you know what to search for 🙂
But the weekend is coming up! Yay! I will make a better post then!!

Ew Weather! June 15, 2009

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Hey!!! Its my birthday! Today at 3:30 California time (so 4:30 Colorado/my time) I will be 16 years old!
For my birthday, I’m going to the Aquarium with my family and one friend. We are gonna eat dinner there after. The restaurant there is so cool! You eat right next to a huge fish aquarium and there are sharks swimming next to you while you eat!
Now, that’s not my party. That is just my birthday celebration thing. I’m still not sure what to do for my party! lol!

But also today there is horrible weather! The sky is grey and the wind is blowing really hard!! Its also thundering which scares my little dog so bad! We had to lonk him in his crate in the basement because he was freaking out so bad and sometimes he pees on the carpet when he is super scared 😛
Have a great Monday! I will post tomorrow or the next day about what I got from my family birthday-present-wise and how my first day of working at Quiznos went!

Tomorrow! June 14, 2009

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Tomorow is my birthday!!! I’ll be 16 years old! Wow! That’s so old! Yeesh!
Well if you haven’t already seen it, you should check out the comment box! Prettay cool, eh? I plan on changing some other CSS stuff involving comments, but right now I gotta go vacuum the house 😦
Have a great sunday!

June 15th! The Awesomest Day Of Da Year! June 10, 2009

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Dats my birfday!!


Im real excited, and I wanna have a party with some friends, but WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!

I would love your guyzez help on coming up with a party idea!

There are two choices: A lot of my good friends go to someplace cheap OR a few of my best friends go somewhere awesome!

Please help!!!! Thank youuu!  I’m working on some CSS too so STAY TUNED!

Ugh! June 5, 2009

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AHHH! I had such a cool long post typed out and then I clicked Publish and there was an error! I lost the whole thing!

UGH!  I’m not in the mood to type it again right now, but it was about the movie UP!

I saw it, and it was great! I’m going to type my review up again soon!

The weather here has been terrible! 😦 It has been rainy and cold! And its the beginning of summer!

I was biking to Quiznoes on my cruiser bike, which has fenders over both wheels, and I had to bike through some wet dirt stuff.  The mud caked onto the wheels so much that the fenders got clogged up and the wheels couldn’t even roll! I had to spend 15 minutes picking out the mud with my finger from between the wheel and the fender!  Then  had to go wash off in a gas station store before I could meet the Quiznoes manager and ask him for a job!

I will post again soon! I promise!