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What Did You Get??? January 6, 2010

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Hey guys!  Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  I have been busy with friends and parties and vacation and relatives and skiing (and KH2!!)!  It has been fun, though!! 

I skiied for the FIRST time in about 6 years of snowboarding!  It was fun!  But definitely different than boarding!  I like both 😀

Except for ski boots.  Those things are hard to walk in, uncomfortalbe, and COLD!  My first day was kinda ruined with a little frostbite… so I will be using toe warmers from now on, because getting circulation back into my toes was hands down the most painful thing I have ever experienced.

Heheh. SO!  On to a lighter note!  CHRISTMAS!  PRESENTS! YAY!  I got a warm hat, some puzzles, some pants, a balloon architechture thing (don’t ask), some other stuff, and a water bottle.  Yeah, a water bottle.  Lame.  It was from my sister.  I got her two really cool shirts from her favorite (expensive!) store and she got me… a water bottle.  And I even told her what I wanted!  A SNUGGIE!  And I didn’t get one!  LAME!! She is going to get me one though, because I have been giving her crap about it since Xmas haha.  And my snuggie has to be either black or dark red.  I have my reasons 😀  You can ask on that one 😉

Oh, and also

YEAH!  WOO!  A WACOM BAMOO FUN!  I think that’s what Javallama has.  TEE HEE! Yeah that’s my handwriting. lol

It’s so cool! I can create so much digital art on it!  YES!!  I have been practicing with it for a bit.  Just some doodling.  But, I finally started my first actual picture that I am working on!  here is it so far:

Okay it is definitely just a rough draft right now!  Just a sketch!!  The body isn’t even finished being sketched! haha.  Phi knows who it is!!!!  Javallama probably does too!  haha I’m such a sucker for that game 😀  Yeah I basically just erased my marks and guidelines and screenshot-ed it.  I am working on it with GIMP, since I haven’t gotten Photoshop from a coworker yet. (he is getting me one free! woohoo!)

So yeah!  Those were most of my gifts!  What did you guys get?


P.S.   Phi – I emailed you on the email address that you use for your comments.  Will you get it?  It just has some questions about FF.  I thought it would be easier than comment replying 😛  Thanks!


It’s Almost Christmas! December 23, 2009

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Hey guys!

Sorry for not posting!  This is gonna be another quick one.

I thought I would have a lot of time during the break!  Boy was I wrong!

I am hanging out with friends, visiting relatives, buying gifts for people, working, and continuing my obsession with Kingdom Hearts!  (I’m almost done with the game! It’s so cool!  All I have to do is level up my summon thing, defeat Sephiroth, and then go through the final doorway and defeat Zemnas!) Woo! Chad: Wtf? Haha.

Opus: beware me, for i am Zemphiroth!! :mrgreen:

Well I gotta go wrap my sister’s presents before work tonight!  Then I am going to a Xmas party!

How has you all’s break been? tell me!


P.S. its snowing a ton 😛 add “shoveling driveway” to my list of busy things up there 😉

End of Finals! December 18, 2009

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Finals are finally done but Im hanging out with my friend so maybe later ill make a new post. So, yeah 🙂

*Rushes off*
Quick Post End!

Bout time, missy p: – OPUS!

Finals and Christmas and LENA NOT WAKING UP! December 5, 2009

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Hey guys!  I am making this post right after a sleepover with a friend.  She is still here, but she is still sleeping.   Yes, it is 11:30 am.  WAKE UP, LENA!  JEEZ!  She’s not dead.  I already checked.

Okay, anyway, I am taking gymnastics off for this month because of school, finals, and Christmas break!

So school has been going strong… my US History class now has a infinitely better teacher (but sadly he is only a sub until our real teacher/crazy-dinosaur comes back from having “skeletor/the fetus” a.k.a. her baby)  The final is probably going to be hard.  Next is choir.  No final for that!  Just a Holiday concert, conveniently placed on the night before my two hardest finals.  Next is Digital Art and Design (which I want to call Digital and Design Art so then the abbreviation would be DADA instead of DAAD and DADA is also the abbreviation for Defense Against the Dark Arts in Harry Potter) heheh.  Well then it is AP L.A. which will be pretty tough!  I”m scared.  But my hardest final is math.  IB Elementry Functions and Calculus 1.  Yes.  And OMG I HATE MY TEACHER!  He doesn’t teach!   He just goes over random problems but you have no way to know what kind of problems they are and how to use that in your homework!  My notes are all just jumbled numbers!  That doesn’t help!  I need instructions IN WORDS AND EXAMPLES up on the board!  And when you go into his office to ask for help, he makes you feel really stupid! I HATE THAT CLASS! AHHH!  ahem.  okay.  Then is my off period. tough final :P. Tthen is Chemestry.  I will probably do fine.  That class is pretty easy. (PSST it’s for the dumb kids because I didn’t want to try hard and be in the smart kids class!).  Then, finally, it’s Spanish.  I hate tests in Spanish but I think I will be able to keep an A in that class.  Because so far all we have done is talk about the culture and do review.   Even Spanish 3 has gone through more verb tense conjugations than our Spanish 4 class so far. TEEHEE!

So those are my finals.  And, by the way, FINALS stands for: F*** I Never Actually Learned S***!  hahaha pretty funnay!  Do any of you have to take final tests?

But after finals is WINTER BREAK! WOOOO!!  And that means Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/what ever else you celebrate.  For me, it’s Christmas!  I love the holiday season!  We have Christmas Eve dinner with some family friends, and then Christmas Day we go over to my Aunt and Uncles house and hang out with my fun little cousin!  What are you guys doing for the holidays?

Some things I would like for Christmas:::

  • A new laptop (referably with workng sound) (the sound on my current laptop doesnt work) (…maybe a Mac.  dont kill me, windows people.  I would still Dual Boot it so I have access to Windows)
  • A Wacom drawing Tablet.  I wanna make art! I already have a DeviantART account but I haven’t put anything up on it 😛 !  And if you haven’t checked out DeviantART go to http://www.deviantart.com right now and search for pictures that you might be interested in! (example: Harry Potter.  Then you can look at a ton of art and funny comics about/containing Harry Potter!!)  its cool.
  • Ugg boots.  Or fake Ugg boots.  I need new ones, because #1 Colorado is cold and snowy this time of year.  #2 My old Uggs almost have holes in the bottom where my heel steps down on.  That is kinda a problem.  I don’t like it when I step and the snow melts and gets my soaking wet/cold.
  • ummm… other stuff haha

What do you guys want for your Holidays?

Also, I will be making a big post with a ton of pictures from my trip to So-Cal!  (southern california, you stupid people.  I bet ILAN knows what I meant) when the Holidays come around.   Right now, my friend woke up (ABOUT TIME, LENA!  GOD, ITS AFTER NOON NOW!!) andI have a boatload of stuff to do (extra credit projects, reugular projects, studying for tests that my teachers felt the need to give me three days before finals week, dropping off wreaths that people bought to support choir, and work.)  YIKES THAT’S A LOT OF STUFF!!

Well… BYE!


P.S.  I love you all!!!

P.S.S.  Oh… I need a title… huh.  What to name this post….

BOOTY what? November 29, 2009

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Well I get back from California and, whaddaya know, I’m in a contest 😛

Vote for yours truly, CARLY FROM MOOSEPRINTS FOR BEST BLOG AND CHAD FROM DARNSTRAIGHT FOR BEST BLOGGER at Josh’s booty awards!  get there by going to http://tintedlens.wordpress.com and going to the awards page!

I have a ton of pics of cool stuff from CA that I will post soon!  Not now, because I have a math test tomorrow.  And a ton of mat homewrk. boo.

So remember:



WELL!  Back to the math hw!  Love you all!


Nov.23, 2009 November 24, 2009

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So I Heard You Posted On Moose Prints

S***, whats happen-in forum!? 😀 It’s your pal Opus here! I think you’ve all heard of Viral Videos, and maybe some of you made some. Like you could be this kid here:


Orrr maybe, this is you, forum:


(yes, forum he did in fact, try to stick a remote up his a**)

But, whether or not you were in the viral videos or not,  you have heard of them. My favorite Viral Video is this one:




Come And Meet…Those Dancing Feeeeeeet….On The Avenue I’m Takin’ You To…42nd Streeeeet…. TAP TAP TAPITTY TAPPITTY TAPTAP TAP STOMP TAIPPITY November 18, 2009

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Hey guys!  So about 42nd Street…

It was amazing!!  Everyone was so talented!  I will definatly post pictures/ screenshots when I order the DVD!  (we get out musicals recorded by a camera crew)

After 3 strait weeks of being at school till 9:30 or 10, I think it was worth it 🙂

The catchiest songs were: Go Into Your Dance, Shuffle Off To Buffalo, and We’re In The Money.

For the song We’re In The Money, we had big circular platforms that looked like big coins that the tap dancers would jump up and dance on!  AND THEY LIT UP!  It was SO COOL!

I can’t do it justice just by describing it!  You have to SEE it!  I will try to upload the movie onto my PC once I get the DVD and then maybe I could email it to you guys! It was THAT AMAZING!

Well, I’m going to go play Kingdom Hearts!  I love that game!

I will post pictures later!


Haha Riddles! November 16, 2009

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Guys, if 1 equals 5, no matter what 2 equals, 1 will always equal 5.  So… wouldn’t that make 5=1?  Haha you probably feel stupid right now 😉

And with the rhyme, the answer is “e”.  Look at the spelling of the words.  You’ll get it 😛

So, crew is over!  SAD!  I am pretty depressed.  I only have one more musical left in my high school career!  I will try to post about the feeling of family in the muscial in my next post, but it proabaly won’t be until wednesday.  Monday is the day we strike the set (take all the set apart  😦  ) and tuesday will be a catch-up-on-all-the-hw-i-didnt-do day 😛

Well I gotta finish annotating “Black Boy”  (its a TERRBLE book! never read it unless you are forced to!) and then go to bed.  I am tired!  I was at the after-musical party till around 2!  We were dancing to Single Ladies and laughing at a guy who used to be a great actor and singer at my school (but he graduated) dancing to Party In The USA and You Belong With Me.  It was funny!

I will post!  I promise!


Snow Days and Math Class and Crew, OH MY! November 4, 2009

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Last week it snowed a foot!  YAY!  I needed something good to happen!  And we had TWO SNOW DAYS!  YESSSSSS!  I could’ve used that time to study more for a math quiz, but… nahhh I was too busy sledding and building snowmen-ish things and playing Kingdom Hearts 2!  (it’s a GREAT game!  play the first one first though!  its on ps2)

Second thing!  Math class.  Oh boy.  If anyone can tutor me on how to graph seacant and coseacant graphs, that would be great.  Actually, I will probably need your help the whole entire semester.  It’s called “IB Elementary Functions” and next semester is “Calculus 1”.   I’m scared.

Third!  It’s CREW TIME!!  42nd Street the musical is in full swing!!  We hired a “professional” set designer who amde us get waaay behind schedule.  That’s bad!!  This week is “Tech Week”.  We rehearse with all of the light and sound stuff going on.  Rehearsal goes from 3:00 to 9:00 most days.  Today I spent three hours carefully painting letters onto signs that are going to be hung up on the set pieces.  I got recruited into Props Crew, too… So I am on Running Crew and Props Crew.   Joy unbounded.   But no, it really is fun.  I just get home at 9:30 and fall straight into bed (except tonight!  you guys are special) so that means no time for homework which means slipping grades and annoyed teachers.

Speaking of teachers, my CRAZY American History teacher FINALLY went into labor!  About 5 minutes after our class ended yesterday haha!  She called her baby “the fetus” and “skeletor” and she was crazy and mean, so we are all happy to see her go.  We have a cool substitute and I think I am going to like that class a lot better now!

I have two riddles for you!  Try to figure them out BEFORE googling them 😉

What is the beginning of eternity
The end of time and space
The beginning of every end
And the end of every place?

If 1=5  2=25  3=125  4=625,  what does 5=?  It’s tricky!

[Opus knows the answer to the second one because he PWNS at math :p ]
[Chad also knows the 2nd one 😀 But im not like a math nerd or anything like Opus xD]
[Josh knows it now too!  After all, there is only one answer…haha]


Thanks Guys October 28, 2009

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Hey guys!  Sorry.

Thanks a ton for posting Josh, and I look forward to your new site.

Unfortunately, my grandma has passed.  She had a brain hemorrhage on Friday, and she passed on Sunday.

I still have school busy-ness, but I don’t have much incentive to do any work.  I have many hours of crew coming up.  Hopefully it will keep my mind busy enough to stop dwelling on the endless questions and wonders of where my grandma is now. 

Why did it happen?  Why so fast?  Will she ever get to see my grandpa or her dog, Callie, again?  Is there a heaven?  Will I see her again there?  Will I ever get to call someone “Grandma (her name here)” ever again, maybe in whatever there is after this?  Is there something after this life?  Or do we just disappear?

My life-long friends have been really helpful.  There is a few families who I have known since I was four, and one of them, Sara, drove me to school today.  Her mom also made us delicious spaghetti sauce and put it in a tupperware container in a bag along with a loaf of bread, cookies, and Izze drinks.  It was so thoughtful and kind!  My mom went off to CA the moment she heard of Grandma’s injury, so my dad has been working a job and taking care of three kids while trying to support my mom and trying to get a ticket to CA for the funeral.

I’m not going to the funeral.  I have school, tickets are expensive, and my five year old sister would probably get scared.  I would too.  I have never seen a body before, and seeing my Grandma lying there but knowing she will never talk to me again… Just seeing her there but knowing it’s not her.  The funeral is also on Halloween.  It’s not intentional or anything, but that’s just how the timing worked out.

Sigh.  I should’ve done math homework.  But I don’t really care anymore.  I do the “rocking chair test”.  When I am super old, sitting in a rocking chair and looking back on my life, what would I want to have chosen?  Will I care about math homework?  Which is more important?  My grandma and the activities that I like, or math?  Will this math hw really matter?  It may matter now, but now is a single semester of high school. not important  🙂

The next post will be more cheerful, I promise 😉