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Math Sucks January 14, 2010

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

Okay, so usually I like math.  Just the simplicity of it… like there is only one right answer and just one or two processes to get there that never change and make complete and total sense if you understand it.

This is NOT TRUE WITH CALCULUS!  Calculus sucks!!  It’s all about graphs and limits and having “limit thoughts” and being able to determine what a graph will look and act like without using a calculator or anything.  Using these things called Limits.  They SUCK because there is no set answer for them!  They can change and depending on the type of function and whatever they act in different ways and it just is so LAME.

UGH.  So, I didn’t do too well my first semester. You know, maybe I would like that class and maybe even understand it if my teacher wasn’t PHSYCO!  He raves on about anything!  Things that have nothing to do with our homework!  He has a mustauche and a GLASS EYE.  Yeah, you heard me right (read me right?) a GLASS EYE.

So his glass eye isn’t natural (duh) and he is in his 50s or something and his other eye is naturally sinking in a little, you know, that is normal with age and stuff.  Well his glass eye isn’t.  It kinda sticks out more than his other eye.  And his eyes are a clear blue, but his glass eye is a little bit lighter of a color.  And sometimes it doesn’t entirely move with exact sychronization with his normal eye.  Can anyone think of another person who is like this?  Haha I will give you a giant hug if you can name the guy that my math teacher reminds me of!

Well, I am still obsessed with all things KH and not FF related (thanks Phi!)  I haven’t yet finished KH2, but that is because I am busy playing KH: 358/2 Days.  heheh.  Yeah I am just really into that now, so don’t expect a post every day for a bit until I finish the KH games.  And then I will post more!  Until I get the FF games haha.  Phi has really got me interested in them!

Well, you just read my rant on math.  Well, more specifically, Calculus.  I like Algebra!  The simple “solve for X” is my favorite and gives me this nerdy sense of accomplishment every time I finish those short problems 😛

Happy schooling! (haha yeah right)




1. Phi - January 14, 2010

Oh my god… Your teacher…

2. ζÔ§Η - January 14, 2010

thththtats creepy. your teacher. *shudder*

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