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It’s Almost Christmas! December 23, 2009

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

Hey guys!

Sorry for not posting!  This is gonna be another quick one.

I thought I would have a lot of time during the break!  Boy was I wrong!

I am hanging out with friends, visiting relatives, buying gifts for people, working, and continuing my obsession with Kingdom Hearts!  (I’m almost done with the game! It’s so cool!  All I have to do is level up my summon thing, defeat Sephiroth, and then go through the final doorway and defeat Zemnas!) Woo! Chad: Wtf? Haha.

Opus: beware me, for i am Zemphiroth!! :mrgreen:

Well I gotta go wrap my sister’s presents before work tonight!  Then I am going to a Xmas party!

How has you all’s break been? tell me!


P.S. its snowing a ton 😛 add “shoveling driveway” to my list of busy things up there 😉



1. ζÔ§Η - December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas, Carlyyy.

2. Java Llama - December 30, 2009

That game is f’ing amazing. And hello everyone…. I am bored so I’m making a round of all the old blogs….

♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - January 4, 2010

JAVALLAMA! You play KH too?!?!?!? YAY!
You me and phi (haha that rhymes) (phi is pronounced either “fee” or “fai” on the Golden Ration sense) all play KH!
yay! I am so happy! I just left a long reply to Phi’s comment about KH, so you should check that out because I am lazy and I am not going to type about it! haha

It is so good to hear from you! How are you? email me if you want! my email adress hasn’t changed.
Have you played KH: Chain of Memories?

Phi - January 5, 2010

OMG! (lol, I sound like a fan[boy]) CoM!

I totally forgot about that.

I was never interested in getting it, but was happy when my friend rocked up to school on my birthday and gave it as a birthday present. 😀

Overall, the GBA version isn’t worth it (however, I did enjoy it) but getting the PS2 version of Chain of Memories is a must. You need to get it from Japan though (funny thing is that it is in English).

3. נσя∂αи - December 31, 2009

It was christmas. 🙂

Merry X-mas!

4. petsocietycoins - January 3, 2010

Cool text box.
-old gg25.

Opus: Cool comment. bro.

♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - January 4, 2010

AHH! It makes me so happy when old CP friends come and visit 😀 😀 😀

5. Squishy133 - January 4, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
What did you get?

6. Phi - January 4, 2010


Hiya, I’m Phi; You might not know me… :D.

You’re playing KH:II! lol Man, I love that game. For me, Sephiroth was too hard (he was badass in every other FFVII game too xD) and I never actually beat him in either games (lol).

I was grinding on some Nobodies in the World That Never Was, trying to get to level 99 but only got to like 80.

Then the big “whoops” came and I, somehow, lost my memory card. SO I had to load back from another save and was all the way back to level 50. Like 10 hours wasted. -.-‘

Gee, this does bring back a lot of memories… You plan on playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days?

(A weird comment, I know)

♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - January 4, 2010

I know you Phi!! You would hang around Keith’s site 🙂
And I recall competing against you in some of Fylliper’s old contests back durin the CP days 🙂 you were ritetub then, right? haha

Yes I am!!! I love it! yeah, and I am pretty hell-bent on defeating that long-sworded biotch. tee hee!
I havn’t playied any of the FF games. are they good?

aww and that sucks! you were so close! yeah leveling up takes a while. i never used my forms during fights, and then I realized that I SHOULD level them up and it took me forever to get them all to 7 😛
I might kill someone if I ever lost my memory card! Im sorry!

I would like to try KH 358/2 days, but I don’t own a DS 😦
I’m probably not going to buy one, either. Maybe I can find a way to play it from my computer? i dunno 😛

and no it was not a wierd comment! I didn’t think anyone here played KH 😀

7. Phi - January 5, 2010

You mean the contest here?: http://fcpsawards.wordpress.com/ lol

Final Fantasy and Square-Enix are the only reason why I game (seriously). I hardly play anything besides FF.

If you want to get into FF, a good place to start is to hunt down a copy of Final Fantasy X which has Tidus & Wakka (from Destiny Islands) and Yuna & Rikku (from Radiant Gardens?). I thought it was great. ^^; It is 8 years old (I’m talking about its Japanese release) though.

Playing DS games from your computer is entirely possible, however, it isn’t quite legal… haha…

I love KH to bits. I remember in ’07 on the day 2 came out. I had to wait an hour for EB Games to open. lol Glad to see some players out there. 😀


♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - January 6, 2010

haha yes that contest 🙂
Will I be confused if I start there?
Does it go in order? is there like a FF I? How many ARE there? haha
They sound fun though 🙂 I definitely love the characters that show up in KH that turn out to be from FF. Like Cid, Tidus, Cloud, Leon, etc etc

And Yuna and Rikku… are those the little annoying flying things?

haha who said anything about me being a law-abiding citizen?? 😛 Do you know how?

I love it too 😀

ζÔ§Η - January 9, 2010

errr i really should finish that 6th season shouldnt i?

8. Phi - January 5, 2010

Oh, and my name is pronounced “Fee”. I prefer the 3 letters better than “Phillip”, lol.

♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - January 6, 2010

so it does rhyme! you me and “fee”! yay!

9. Java Llama - January 6, 2010

Yeah, I played Kingdom Hearts. That game kicks ass. But 2 got really weird and I got so confused that I quit. Maybe I’ll start back up again but I’d have to restart and stuff. And no, my e-mail isn’t the same… yahoo deleted it for some reason and now it got changed. And I don’t want to comment it ’cause peopple might spam me. But its in the little e-mail thingy box thing.

10. old gg25 - January 7, 2010

i’m not a bro, moose xD

♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - January 7, 2010

That was not me!! That was one of my(favorite) editors, Opus
I don’t think he was around during CP, or else he would have known..
I mean, who hadn’t heard of GG25 (or holagurrl25 haha) back then!!(opus was out having fun out in da TOWNNN p: lulz)
haha good times 🙂

petsocietycoins - January 8, 2010

lol yeah i always get nostalgic every now and then… its so weird it seems forever ago

ζÔ§Η - January 9, 2010

hey, i knew she’d come back!

11. Chad - January 9, 2010

lol, how r u sure its her, what if its like some creepy poser or something ?

12. petsocietycoins - January 10, 2010

Why would a creepy poser know all of her old friend’s blogs. Plus, no one remembers me unless they were actually there when I had my blog.

13. Chad - January 10, 2010

i was there. but seriously anybody could pose as her . its not hard, i could do it in 3 seconds .

petsocietycoins - January 11, 2010

Besides the fact that that would be creepy, I doubt you’d be able to tell people where you first started getting viewers to your blog initially, what weird pages and posts you started up to get visitors… hahaha omg crazy stuff man.

14. Chad - January 14, 2010

on my site ?

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