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Carly? October 21, 2009

Posted by Josh in Uncategorized.


It’s Josh, I havent made a post in AGES.  Just filling in the gap.  What happened to Carly??

How have you all been?

Errr…that’s it.  By the way, I’m coming back to blogging and will be revealing my new site soon =D


I just saw Carly’s twitter widget and it said:

MoosePrints: crying. my grandma had a brain hemorage and probably wont live. really depressed. obviously.October 23, 2009

Carly, on behalf of all us and we wish your grandma a speedy recovery and that you and your family will be given peace through this time.




1. ζÔ§Η - October 21, 2009


2. An Aussie Guy - October 22, 2009


3. CPfantastic - October 23, 2009

Hey Josh,
On your new site – Can i be a Admin?
When Carly had the site ‘Mooseluver8’ i was admin for a long time.
That was until, it was sadly hacked.
If i was an admin on your site, i’ll add new stuff every day and help you out alot!

ζÔ§Η - October 24, 2009

No =p This isn’t the place to discuss it. If Carly found out, she’d ki– errr…tickle me.

CPfantastic - October 24, 2009


4. Storm - October 27, 2009

Hope he feels better

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