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Dreary September 23, 2009

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

It’s such a dreary day out 😦
It’s cold and grey and it’s kinda half raining…like everything gets wet but it isn’t coming down in big drops. Ugh it was a long day at school and and exaisting gymmastics practice. It’s gonna be a tough end of the week, too. Lots of homework, tests, and projects to do. Ugggggggggh. Gross. And I’m tired.

What do you guys do to make a terrible week like this better?



1. Beauty101 - September 23, 2009

For me.. If i was having a bad day.. I would go out with my friends! I would just call them ask them is they are busy in a few hours.. if not i would get ready and go out with them! 🙂 hope that helped 😉

2. drkshadow17/drk - September 25, 2009

hmm id usually go somewhere with my friends (like go shopping or somethin) or just txt a lotttt to try to make a bad week somewhat better

3. נσя∂αи - September 27, 2009

go to a friends house. 🙂 that’s what i do on a bad day.

4. Ilan - September 27, 2009

Dreary is such a dreary word. Even saying it makes me a little less happy. 😀

5. Lyon - September 28, 2009

I would go to the movies with my friends, maybe a party, whatever is less work then all the stuff I just went through.

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