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In The Mountains June 21, 2009

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

Posting from my iPod again because I decided not to bring my laptop up to the mountains. We are just spending one night here (which was last night) because my sisters preschool had a campout party near Leadville and we went to say hi, but we didn’t want to camp (it was cold and rainy) so here we are at the condo!
Today is fathers day, but my family can’t do a celebration or anything because my dad has to fly to Seattle to start his new job! Yaay! He has been looking for. Job for so long and I’m glad he finally found one.
So work at Quiznos is going good! I’m slowly learning the different sandwiches and I am starting to be able to use the register without it beeping error messages at me! The problem with being the new kid, though, is that when I work evening shifts I don’t know how to close up and all that stuff so I just have to spend an hour up to my elbows in water washing containers and pots and knives and ladles.
It’s long and mind-numbing, but it’s not hard work.
Do you guys have jobs? What do you do to make money?



1. Opus The Strange (NTL) - June 22, 2009

Ive been to leadville! Been to the coal mining museam too XD Im going to colorady in July 7th and gunna climb a mountain, then go to cross country track. You work at quiznos> XD Cool

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