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FINALS! AHHH! OMG! May 19, 2009

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

Finals is comin’ up!
Listen to this horrible scheduale:
Tuesday: Pre-IB (pre-ib means super hard) algebra 2, then Pre-IB Biology, then 45 min for lunch, then Spanish 3 (my hardest non Pre-IB class!)
Then on Wednesday I have World History, then Health, then 45 min lunch, then Choir, so that’s ok…
Then on Thursday (LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!) I have an off period and then my L.A. final.
Yikes! But I can’t wait to get my finals over with and have the whole summer FREE! YESS!!
What are you guys doing during your last days of school?



1. Dieter (pronounced dee-ter) - May 20, 2009

I can’t wait until the last day of school! Our school is a private school so it’s really small. So every year we always go to a gigantic park and have all this stuff. So the last week of school (next week) is always easy for me! All we do is say goodbye and return our books, etc. Sometimes we even have a party! But we don’t have to take finals!! Yay! :mrgreen:

2. Ilan - May 20, 2009

On my last days of school I am gonna have so much fun at school because we have 3 days of free periods. All the teachers will be opening their doors and we the students can decide when to go to which classes. 🙂

3. drkshadow17 - May 26, 2009

last 4 days of skool i hav the main finals. the 2nd part of the math final, science final, SS final, and ELA final. but i get out @ 10am so it isnt so bad.

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