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FIRE! Me and California! May 6, 2009

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Hey guys!  I’m REALLY SICK!! I started feeling funny Friday night, felt bad on Saturday, had a temperature Saturday night, didn’t get out of my pajamas all Sunday, stayed home in my pajamas from school on monday, and same today, except I felt the worst today.  I was home alone for a big part of the day, and nothing was on TV, I didn’t feel like playing Wii or PS2, I wasn’t hungry, I was really cold under three blankets, and I felt TERRIBLE!  I started mumbling songs like “I feel like crap, yes I do, I feel like crap, how ’bout you?” and “I feel gross, yes I do, I sorta wish I was comatose!”  (Being comatose, or in a coma, is like a sleep where you don’t feel anything and they have to feed you through tubes and stuff.  people get in a coma in big accidents and stuff.  sometimes they never come out of it!)

Anyway I felt really really horrible all day, except for a few times right after I took an advil or a tylenol.  I can’t tell the difference 😛

So even bigger news: THERE’S A FIRE IN SANTA BARBARA!  And my grandparents live there!  The fire isn’t that close, but their area is being reccomended to evacuate.  My grandparents are old and stubborn, and they think that if they see the fire from their house, THEN its time to go.  But since they can’t see it from the top of their hill, they aren’t moving.  I really hope they decide to evacuate, and better yet, I hope their house doesn’t burn down.  Their house is so FULL of everything!  Both my grandparents were great artists.  My grandpa has every single wall in the house plastered with his Western art (detailed paintings of cowboys and indians lassoing cattle and stuff) and, both my grandpa and grandma have covered every surface with my grandma’s carvings, statues, and sculptures of animals and my grandpa’s sculptures of cowboys in the air above their wild horse.  His sculptures are so cool!  It’s amazing how the cowboy is up and supported by only the tiniest piece of bronze attached to the horse.  Its a wonder it doesn’t fall.

Their house is like a museum!  And don’t get me started on their hill!  Down the back of their hill theres a steep dirt path, with an orange tree that is great to climb with a hammock.  And apple trees, and lemon trees that me and my grandma always make fresh lemonade with, and everything!  Its like a fun little jungle thing!  All sunny and warm.

I really hope the fire doesn’t go over there.




1. jacobjdog - May 6, 2009

How come I live in California and I haven’t heard about the fires? lol

2. Ilan - May 7, 2009

I hope you feel better. The fires are just a little south of where i live.

3. drkshadow17 - May 8, 2009

omg, my allergies r gettin annoyingggg. yesterday i felt like crap too 🙂 but now im somewhat betterr

i hope ur grandparents decide to evacuate!!! all these disasters r getting annoying…

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