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Internet Working Again! And IE vs Firefox… May 3, 2009

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

My Internet is working on my computer again!! YAAAYY!!!

It’s a bit slow, but it will get better.  But now for an interesting post…


I have both of them downloaded on my computer.  Internet Explorer is the browser I first used, so all of my favorites and everything is on IE.  It’s very easy to transfer them to Firefox, but I haven’t yet 😛

SO. Pros and cons of each.  Well, I’m no browser genius, so I am just going to say the things that bug me about each of them.

Numbah 1.  Tabs.  Personally, I like Internet Explorer’s tab layout better.  The tab bar is already there with your first page, and there is a little mini-tab thing right next to it that you can click for a new tab.  Also, with the bar already there, you can add icons and stuff to the right of the tab toolbar, making it less cluttered.  With firefox, there is not a tab toolbar until you have two tabs.  Then, your menu thing at the top is a whole row bigger, and is only showing the tabs.  Also, opening new tabs in firefox is annoying to me.  Both IE and Firefox have the “Ctrl – T” thing to open a new tab, and they both have “File – New Tab”, but Firefox doesnt have a handy button right next to the tab toolbar.  If you don’t have tabs open yet, you have to do Ctrl-T, but if you do you have to double click on the toolbar, which I find more difficult than just clicking once on a happy little button, because I am lazy like that.

Numbah 2.  Speed.  Now, for me, this seems like a fairly even divide.  Some people may argue that firefox streams vids faster, and thats fine, but I find that Firefox on my computer takes longer to open up than IE.  If I click REALLY FAST Firefox then IE, IE still opens up a good 5 seconds faster than IE.  (5 seconds doesn’t sound like a lot, but count it out- one mississippi, two mississippi…its pretty long)  But maybe thats just on my computer. I dunno 😛

Numbah 3.  Plugins and stuff.  Well in Firefox apparantly there are a ton of cool things that you can download to make you toolbar have more stuff.  But all I want in a toolbar is an Adress bar, a Refresh button, Tabs, and a Google search bar.  So if you are into that plugin stuff, Firefox is great, but it doesn’t matter to me.

Numbah 4.  YOU DECIDE!! Leave a comment telling me what aspect of Firefox and IE you want ME to check out and give my opinion!

Ok!  Be sure to comment on what browser YOU like and WHY!!!  Also be sure to comment about Numbah 4 and what part you want me to check out!




1. [h@D - May 3, 2009

I had that problem to between Safari, IE and Firefox. Well, I deleted Firefox and I chose safari.

Then I got a new computer and my parents said I couldnt have safari anymore.

So im stuck with IE, which I DO NOT like.

2. gabloche - May 3, 2009

I have Safari, but I prefer firefox. Ugh. Right now I have really slow internet.


3. Dieter (pronounced dee-ter) - May 4, 2009

I like IE alot! It’s basic and easy. I hate safari! I dont know why I just do. I never used firefox though!

4. drkshadow17 - May 5, 2009

i actually like IE…basic….kinda fast… well, internet iz internet to me 😀

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