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Snow…No, Rain…No,Wait, Snow… April 18, 2009

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

It’s snowing!  ….ish

It’s kinda like wet snow…it’s called sleet I think.  And its not cold enough outside for the snow to really stick, so its a ton of slush on the ground.  It was supposed to snow a ton last night, but it didn’t 😦 we were all hoping to have a snow day today but it only rained all night – it started snowing on the bus ride to school 🙄

It snowed all day, but they didn’t cancel school (sometimes they cancel school in the middle of the day).

Wow it is still coming down!  Huge heavy, wet, flakes.  My dad said the power might go out, so I’m going to shut down my computer and unplug it to avoid damage from power surges if it goes out and comes back on.  I will add more to this post later!


P.S. I love you guys more that a fat kid loves Twinkies!



1. :~ Jayden/Cpfantastic ~: (Not signed in) - April 18, 2009

Hey Carly,
We got off to a rough start at the beginning, but this time i’m more active. Yeah, its that time again, not the begging time, the asking time.
So can i be a admin on your site again? All im thinking is just to post sometimes about random stuff and also about adding a new page – Ask Jayden (which is my real name by the way). I will answer any question people throw at me, about anything!

Just let me know by emailing jayden_bailey@hotmail.co.uk

2. drkshadow17 - April 19, 2009

its gonna rain here all next week. joy.

but it was really nice out yesterday…and the days before…and the day before that. like in the 60’s-70’s. it was TOO hot yesterday…well, for spring.

my friend haz an AIM icon that says “i love you more than a fat kid loves cake” 😀

3. M. M. - May 10, 2009

In my part of the world, it never snows 😦

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