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Super Morbidly Obese! AH! April 5, 2009

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

:be sure to check out Opus’s going away post below this one:

Jell-O!  (rhymes with Hello, so it is considered a greeting)

Anyway, have you guys heard about this new species?  They are called Super Morbidly Obese people.  Fat isn’t enough.  Obese isn’t enough.  Morbidly obese isn’t enough.  No, these people are SUPER morbidly obese.  Tragic.

I watched a movie on this in my health class!  The normal reccomended amount of calories for an adult is 2,000 calories a day.  Less for little kids, and more for teens because they are growing (adults don’t grow).  The movie was called “I Ate 33,000 calories”.  33,000 in one day!!!!!!!  That is, like, enough food for EIGHT people right there!

Now, you can’t just call yourself super morbidly obese.  There are requirements, like a certain BMI percentage.  BMI stands for Body Mass Index.  It basically means how much of you is fat.  Women have more fat on them because hips are basically fat and breasts are considered fat, too.  I, being a gymnast, have a BMI of around 9% (I learned this in gym class – there is a little computer thingy that you enter all this information into and then you hold onto it and it can feel your heartbeat and it tells you you BMI).  That means that 9% of my total body mass is fat.  Which is really good!  Fat is good for you, you need it to live, but too much fat is baaaad!  Plain old morbidly obese people have a BMI of 40-50%.  Almost have of them is fat!!  These super morbidly obese people (lets just call them SMOB from now on) have a BMI of over 50%.   They are half fat!! Maybe more!! That is plain ridiculus.

The people on this show are really gross looking.  This one woman’s stomach drooped to her knees.  This one guy had to wear a diaper-type thing because he was too fat to walk over and go to the bathroom.  This other guy had to wear a little oxygen thingy under his nose all the time because his fat is crushing his lungs and making it hard for him to breath and get enough oxygen!  It is crazy stuff.   In the movie, they showed this clip of firemen trying to get a SMOB person out of their house.  The guy had fallen unconcious because of lack of oxygen or something, and they had to get him to a hospital.  But, they couldn’t get him out his bedroom door.  Or the window.  So they had to TAKE APART HIS WALL and use 8 firemen to carry him out on a huge net.

I live in the “thinnest” town in the United states, so I don’t see many super morbidly obese people. awww!  Do you guys know any super morbidly obese people?  How much can they eat?  More than you can in a week, probably  😆





1. Ilan - April 5, 2009

Ya teens eat like crazy! They are hungry all the time, like me! 🙂

2. javallama - April 5, 2009

Adios Opus, we will miss you greatly

3. javallama - April 5, 2009

woops, wrong post, lol

4. Squishy133 - April 6, 2009

Weird….I don’t know any SMOB people…crazy. Lol. I remember measuring my BMI in health class once, and I was underweight by a little….people try to make my fatten up. Lol. But there’s no one in my year thats really fat at all….hmmm…

5. Dieter (pronounced dee-ter) - April 6, 2009

Whoa! That is crazy!

6. ~Maya - April 7, 2009

Eh…that sounds gross! 😀

7. drkshadow17 - April 7, 2009


ok, readin that gave me mental images….GET THEM OUTT!

8. ::βrꆆ:: - April 8, 2009

ROFL IKR Drk? I hate seeing that stuff. (Pictures people with 34 chins and fat arms and stubby little legs covered by torso fat… 😯 ) C’Mon, if you even let yourself get like this then somehting’s wrong with you.

So if your like 9% fat Carly (lol), I’m probabally around 11 or 13? IDK, LOLz….. 😆 Hehe… so fat their torso fat covers their legs… :mrgeen: <Pukey 😛

9. javallama - April 11, 2009

Hey Carly,
I just wanted to say Adios, ’cause I am done with blogging. It been alot of fun, but I just don’t want to do it anymore.

Good Luck,

10. Kellie Duncan - December 17, 2009

well duh! Of course you dont see many super obese in your town skinny minny….thats because no one sees them! They cant or dont go out of their homes. Obviously there is more to their problems than weight. They have emotional and or mental issues contributing to their problem. Do not judge and show compassion. Not everyone is blessed to be problem free.

Carly - not logged in - December 18, 2009

I’m not retarded, kay?

And I know that it’s mental! Did you miss the part where I said that I watched a movie about it in HEALTH CLASS? Do you think that in my class that we would watch an entire movie that just made fun of them?
And I’m not judging. The guy himself said “My weight is crushing my lungs, so I use an oxygen tank most of the day.”
Thanks for the comment… ish.

11. Chad - December 19, 2009


12. Rob Ross - September 21, 2010

You are very ignorant of the truth. It is clear you do not have any education on the subject, so I encourage you to do more study from reliable soeces before you post again.

♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - September 21, 2010

I always thinks it’s very stupid when someone says “You have it all wrong!” but they don’t say why.
It’s like asking a little kid if he knows the capital of England or something.
You say “Do you know the capital?”
And he says “Yes! Of course I do! I know it better than you!”
“Okay, then, what is it?”
“I’m not telling you!!”

And I consider a movie on SMOB people to be enough education. It was two hours of education.
I don’t care enough to look up more information. If you have such a problem with my post, then you can tell me what I can fix.
Does studying fat people give you joy? Is this your passion? Do you have personal experience?
Enlighten me, Rob. Please.

Chad - September 21, 2010

carly youre amazing

♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - September 22, 2010

Thank you, Chad! You are, too!!

13. Kimberly - February 16, 2011

I can be considered a super morbidly obese person I guess lol but I’m not incapable of walking or running. I don’t look gross, at least not with clothes on, and I don’t have lots of chins. I’ve always loved being active though sometimes I have moments where that isn’t easy to do. I weigh 377. It’s a scary number to me, and probably to anyone, so I can understand how you can want to judge me, but for those of you who don’t know how a person can let themselves get this way, let me tell you, it’s easier than it looks. I always struggled with being sick a lot, sinus problems every other week, tonsil problems, and my family was lower income so we didn’t go to the hospital unless it was an emergency. I didn’t get my tonsils out til almost two years ago and I’m 29 now. I finally don’t get sick a lot and I can breath a lil better, I still have a sensitive nose I have to clean out all the time with a rinse but it’s manageable. I also have gallbladder disease, which is one of the most painful things you can experience, as well as hypothyroidism. I’ve struggled with weight gain my whole life. I’ve never been thin, always overweight, and when you have hypothyroidism it’s like you’re fine and then someone comes along and steps on the brake and you get so tired and fatigued, depressed and have such low energy levels it’s hard to be active, and for me these bouts lasted for months until I finally found out that I even had a thyroid problem and how serious it actually is, about two years ago. I’m on medication now so I have energy now and I would never have known that this is what I was supposed to feel like, and even now I still suffer from low energy bouts but I try to work through them, they still haven’t gotten the dosage right so I’m still gaining weight even though I’m eating lower calorie meals and working out 40 minutes a day. I cried when I found out none of that is working and my doctor told me this is normal until they get it undercontrol no matter what I do I will find it hard to lose any weight but once they get it balanced it’ll come off easy. I know to some it’ll seem like a cop out to use these things as crutches or excuses but I wasn’t using them as such until I actually found out two years ago that this was my life. I have to deal with this every single day and it’s not easy. I feel self concious all the time and feeling judged makes you want to hide and comfort yourself ( a lot of people do this with food) which doesn’t help the problem obviously, but if we felt supported and encouraged (maybe even understood more) maybe we could find the will to make changes happen more often. Don’t feel bad for me, I live a dream life, I’m talented (sing, write, draw, etc..) and I have a handsome husband who makes good money and loves me just the way I am and allows me to stay at home and live a great life! And even though I weigh 377 I don’t look it, I am still beautiful caramel skin, nice legs, small ankles, long hair, and a gut lol!

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