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I Wont Ruin This Post For A Shilling April 4, 2009

Posted by Opus in Uncategorized.

I have been in this ”blogging” business for almost 2 years now, and I feel that my timer has ran out. All my old friends, with the exception of Brian,Zipo, Narnia, and Steller, have either quit or have started ignoring old friends for new *cough* not naming anyone*cough*. Since I have been through a lot in wordpress I will miss it, and may pop in a few times later. As far as I am concerned my time has been up, all these new bloggers about, and me being here from the time of posting and actually responding to peoples comments, such a trait died long ago.. Infact many people don’t even conceder the thought of actually going to their blog and seeing whats going on. I am terribly sad that this has happened but it has, the age of me being here is over, I am an artifact who does not make interesting posts anymore, I am an old man in blogging years, but this is okay for I accept this, and it could not have come in better time. I am now starting to think about track, I am biking more(even did 28 miles today in the hilly ups and downs of the Ozarks), and i am climbing more mountains in the summer. I have tests to take at school and more socializing to do. I have enjoyed my blogging years, I have enjoyed working at the sites I work at. I will definitly miss those already gone away, some without a mention. Those people are

Olly(still talk to him on MSN though)

Logan(long gone somewhere)

Spongekid3(i dunno)

Giambinny(still I dunno)

Josh(did the same as me but earlier, sad really but i still email him)

Mark(pengi, left without a trace)

I cannot recall any others. Sorry if you were forgotten, I know how it feels.

So yes, i quit, It is not out of pite,depression,or just plain boredom, but out because I know I don’t go on here a lot, and I know you know too. So Cheer up, and Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life! 😀

Opus Out, Peace Out. (Monty Python, and George Carlin For Ever *hold up peace sign*) ( BUSH SUCKS!) (Obama Rules) (And Now For Something Completely Different…. The End Of Opus)



1. ♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - April 5, 2009

Awwww 😦
First Josh and now you 😥
oh well, I wish you luck in your real life 😉

2. javallama - April 5, 2009

Bye, Opus… we will all miss you greatly

3. Squishy133 - April 6, 2009

Good luck and best wishes, you’ll be missed. 😦

4. josh - April 7, 2009

awwww ill miss you heaps opus =[

5. [h@D - April 8, 2009

Opus):please dont go ill miss you too much.

6. ::βrꆆ:: - April 8, 2009

Opus: hey, i was looking back at old posts and found this in the comment section, and heres my response to this boio..Would you go up to someone who just got fired and ask ” can i have your job!?!? XDDD” no, you wouldnt, so yeh, dont do it here, sorry, but it sounded rude :p

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