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Track, Track, Gymnastics, Then Some More Track… March 8, 2009

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Hilo my little furry friends!

I am very very sorry for the lack of posts lately.   I am really busy!  Even though it is CSAP week…

-wait- you guys dont really know what CSAPs are do you? Well, it stands for Colorado Student Assesment Program.

Basically, for three hours a day for two or three days a week we go and sit in classrooms with other kids from our grade (the classes are divided alphibetically based on last name) and we take a test.  It usually is a mix of really easy questions to wtf-I-cant-do-this questions.  There is a lot of filling in the bubbles though, which is my favorite part 🙂

Anywhoo, in elementary school, the teachers wouldn’t give us hw and they would say stuff like “get a good night’s sleep and eat a big healthy breakfast!”  In high school, the teachers give us more hw anyway and when we tell them that their hw is cutting into our balenced breakfast time, they say “you guys don’t care about CSAPs. no one likes them or tries hard on them! now do your hw.” and we say “…well, they have a point.”

CSAPs just suck.  they don’t effect our grade, colleges dont look at how well we did on them, and they are just useless.  they cost the government tons of money to print all these test books!  All the CSAPs do is rank the schools.  Just like “Fairview had the best CSAP scores so they are the best school” PSHHHHAW.  Its all a load of crap.  And if your school does well on them, the gov gives the school more money for computer labs and such.  If they do bad, they dont get as much money.  Which doesn’t make sense!


And I also have track every day after school.  And on tuesdays and thursdays I have to go to gymnastics right after track!! ahhhhhh!  But the good news is is that I just competed in my first track meet on saturday (yesterday) and I did pretty good!  I only competed in Pole Vaulting because Im not good enough at any of my other events yet, and I cleared 7 ft!! I was sooo close to clearing 8 ft it was unbelievable, but there you go.  A ton of kids didn’t even make it over 6 ft! I was pretty proud of myself.

Well, I promise I will put a greater effort into posting for you awesome peoples.  Oh, and I love reading your comments!  Do you guys ever have to do completely useless things? (like CSAPs?)




1. ::βrꆆ:: - March 9, 2009

nice new header, isnt that old one? its coooooleo! 😉

2. Dieter - March 9, 2009

Ughhh. I know what you mean. I toke this huge test last year for no good reason. It was this mad long test about 50 pages. Then when we handed it in the teacher lady said no ones names will be on it or anything. Not even the school. She said it will be sent to the goverment to see how people our age are doing in school. 🙄 Then I also have NYSM and NYSV (New York State Math and New York State Verbal) Tests. They aren’t uselesss but the teachers over-work you! They give you like 20 practice tests and I just took the NYSV test about a month ago and it was the easiest test I ever took!

3. Java Llama- I don't feel like logging in - March 10, 2009

I just finished the ISAT’s (Illinois Standerized Achievement Tests) and they were really boring. But I love ’em cause I get no homework and we just do projects in class 🙂 The high school that I will soon be going to doesn’t do tests, but we do have the AST’s that get you into college.

4. ♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - March 10, 2009

Javallama: I think you may mean ACTs…or SATs…they both are high school tests that collages use. And I often get them mixed up :mrgreen:

5. Ilan - March 11, 2009

I love to run. Its fun for me, i can run a 5 minute mile if i sprint. Its fun for me.

6. El Brentone - March 11, 2009


i cant believe that i keep on forgeting to log in to this place. I dont even know where to go.

anyway, i am sorry i havent been on at all. its kinda out of control. i always remember to come on here when im doin sumthing else, but then wen i get to the computer i furget. 😛

i sent u a friend request on facebook. i clicked send invites to all aim buddies who have facebook and i saw you there and was like “oh shit i forgot again”

but i actually have some cool things that i wanna show you guys. In my school i have taken a digital design class and i want to show you some artwork.

so message me back and i will write a note and stick it to my computer to GO ONTO MY WORDPRESS SITE!


7. ζÔ§Η - March 11, 2009

Lolz, in Victoria we used to have AIMS Test, not sure what it stood for, its the same kinda thing. A section for maths (super hard) and section for basic English and a section for Writing. Now they’ve changed to the NAPLAN Tests (they’re national, I presume) same thing i think, we take them every 2nd year (so thats yr3, 5, 7, 9) so i get to do my last one this year. theyre so annoying because they dont affect your grade or anything. i find it really annoying. and then i miss out on electives!!! noooo! ttyl!

lol, after february ended no one posted for at least a week, lol.


8. Isla (pronounced Stu-pid) - March 12, 2009

Wow, this site is AWESOME! The CSS and header are both really cool! 😀
Chad: Freak .

9. ::βrꆆ:: - March 14, 2009

AIM tests? Lolz, who can instant message faster and better? Lolz, that’s a fun test 😛

10. [h@D - March 14, 2009

ha. thats what i thought

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