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All About Snow Camp NUMBAH TOO!!! February 23, 2009

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EWell here is number two of the amazing adventures of Carly at Snow Camp!!!!!!

You guys are so excited…I can feel it.

Well let me start off by me waking up…

Wait, first I gotta clarify some things.  The skier group of people are divided into 2 groups…one that leaves at 8 and one that gets on the bus at 9.  The group of kids that doesnt ski, which includes all the middle schoolers (who aren’t allowed to ski) and all the high schoolers who can’t/dont want to ski (seriously, you live in Colorado…what is wrong with you…but anyway…)

Waking…but not quite

At 7 o clock in the morning the Freshman (9th grader) leader goes around and wakes all the freshman who have to take the early bus. None of my group has to take the early bus this year (YESS).  So they get up and get dressed to go skiing (really loudly, I might add) and finally leave for breakfast at 7:30.  30 minutes later, my friend Kelly’s phone sets off an alarm of “Love Story” by Taylor Swift.  I like that song…it has a really catchy tune….moving on…she turns it off and we go back to sleep.  Our leader, Annie, has to drag us all out of bed.  We are running very late 😛 we get on all our warm stuff and go to breakfast at 8:40…of wait, breakfast started ten minutes ago…


We get to breakfast pretty late.  All the tables in the high school section are full, so we have to eat all alone at a table in the empty middle school section.  We are loners!! Oh well.  We finish eating our pancakes with grape jam and sausage (it was very tasty) and we grab our boards/skis and our boots from the cabin and stow them in the bus.   There were two buses, but one was a little late, so everyone was packed onto the first bus, and since my group was late, we got on the bus that was practically empty! It was great! We could each have a seat for our helmets and jackets and a seat for our butts.

Winter Park (before lunch)

We get out of the bus and walked down to the lift.  We divided into two groups.  The group that was good, and the group that wanted to stay on easier runs.  One of my friends earned an automatic spot in the bad group because of her performance last year on a long bump run called “Outhouse”.  Also in that group was our leader and another girl in our group.  Anyway we got on the lift and skiied around.  We didn’t have enough time before lunch to get to Mary Jane but we would do that after lunch, so we just fooled around on the front of the mountain.  This one run was so great, there was practically nobody on it and we zoomed down it…we were going so fast and we were so close to eachother and winding in and out of the gaps with eachother…it was awesome!  If one of us had caught an edge, we wouldve all crashed so hard and bad 😀 .  It was getting close to the time that we were all supposed to meet at the lodge for lunch, so we headed back down to the base.


Each kid at snow camp who goes skiing gets a little coupon thing that is like 11$ dollars for lunch.  Ski places are waaaay overpriced, so 11 dollars is really kinda not a lot.  But I found a good combo meal that had a pulled pork sandwich, a soda, and some chips that was under 11 dollars so I bought it.  it was yummy!  So after we kicked out one of our friends from the “good” team to the “bad” team (she was really slow) we went back out skiing.

Skiing (after lunch)

We met up with another kid who wasn’t at snow camp but he always comes up to ski at winter park.  We all went to this really hard area called The Chutes.  I can’t find a good picture of it, but its really really steep and scary!  It was AWESOME! The snow on the run sucked, but it was still sweet.  And it was a really hard run…check out the sign in front of the entrance if you dont believe me 😛

Break Time/Dinner etc

Oh yeah…thats a big warning sign! We went on Hole-In-The-Wall chute…moving on now…so we finished up skiing and headed back to the bus at around 4:30.  We were all pretty exausted on the way back!  When we got back, we had some free time to get in our costumes for the theme dinner.  The theme was “Rewind” so everyone dressed like we had gone back in time…there were Great Depression people, cavemen, dinosaurs, 40s housewives, 80s spandex and snowsuits, and tons of hippies!!  After the awesome dinner, we all went to Club where this awesome guy talked more about Radical Faith, and then we had small group time. Then it was time for…

Party Night!

There were card games in the game room along with pingpong and fooseball!  The hot tub was open, and the gym had music playing and a huge basketball game going!  And lights-out time was at 1:00 a.m.!!!!!  All my friends and I went into the hot tub.  We swam around in there for a while, but when 1:00 came there was a problem.  It was very very cold out, and we were soaking wet with no towels and wet shoes that no one wanted to put on.  So, carrying our towels and clothes, we all ran back up to our cabin, which wasn’t that close to the hot tub, in our swimsuits and barefoot.  The worst part was running up the metal stairs…our feet were hot from being in the hot tub and our skin STUCK to the metal! We were running as fast as we could so our feet didnt stick too bad, but you could definatly feel it! And it HURT!!

We went to bed at around 2:00, even though lights out was at 1.  Stay tuned for the final part of the Snow Camp adventures!!!


P.S. You all rock!

P.S.S. who is gonna watch the Oscars tonight!!??! I am!!!!



1. Dieter - February 23, 2009

Cool! Sounds like an awsome place! Except for the wet feet and all that. 😦

2. clubjorga151 - February 23, 2009

Hey cool blog!
lol i talked to your robot Jeeves! It was COOL! lol i hope i can hear from you soon! That sounds like a cool place! =)

3. clubjorga151 - February 23, 2009

omg i have a blog but you can click on my name to go to it, i hate how it does that! =) http://clubjorga151.wordpress.com

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