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Im Back! February 7, 2009

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

Hey guys!  I finished my huge project last night…well actually early this morning 😛 At 1:30… 😀

So I’m super exausted, though.  The project was a huge board on Archimedes and how his war technology effected the outcome of the Punic war against Syracuse.  Basically, he was a really smart Greek guy who held off a Roman army with his cool inventions.  He was actually pretty fun to study, but the project was killer.

I’m just going to let you know that I will be posting again! YAAY!!  And I will also be commenting on your guyzes sites again! 

Well, I am exausted, so Im gonna visit my fave sites and then go on to bed!

But first…HOW ARE YOU GUYS?? I’ve been gone for a while, so whats new with you? Tell me by commenting or by dropping an email to Carly.Stewart@comcast.net !  I love to hear from you guys.




1. Dieter/Penquin Jim - February 7, 2009

Yay!! Yeah. I just had this mad annoying science project so I know how you feel.

2. drkshadow17 - February 8, 2009

heyy!!! I’ve also been over-loaded with hw….i’ve had essays and DBQ’s due (Document Based Questions….they are so annoying!) and posters and letters and lots of random stuff….i surprised myself by finishing an essay in 3 hours!! Archimedes sounds….intresting. I had to write a report on zero 😀 i got a 96 on it and it counted as a test so it’ll hopefully raise my average for math

3. Dieter - February 8, 2009

I hate mathc but I havve a 97 average in it!! What are your guys overall arverages? My cousin got a 99%

4. Ilan - February 8, 2009

Cool project! I studied Gauss for a mathematician report and learned how he outsmarted his headmaster/teacher at the age of 7.

5. Dieter - February 9, 2009

Lol. That is very weird! Hey! Carly. Can you put me on your blogroll I think that you can veiw it by clicking my name. I will add you too!

6. ζÔ§Η - February 9, 2009

ohhemmgee your back!

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