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THIS IS A POST January 31, 2009

Posted by Opus in Uncategorized.

Hi this is opus! I know i have not posted for a while but i have been busy(not as busy as carly lol). I have not seen much of carly but im sure she is somewhere being carly-ish 😀 . Lets ask a question to give this post a reason!

Q:  What comic(daily funnies comic) do you enjoy reading? And whats your favorite character?



1. jacobjdog - February 1, 2009

Foxtrot and Mother Goose and Grim. Love those comics!

2. ζÔ§Η - February 3, 2009

hehe, im not the comic type…if you know what i mean. but i oh so love the puzzle liftout in the paper on sundays. hehe.

3. *~{š†ΣLLªr}~* - February 3, 2009

Mother Goose and Grimm are almost always funny. Otherwise I like Red and Rover.
Opus, I don’t think I’ve ever ventured to your site! I will come more often, and I am also adding you to my blogroll.

4. ::βrꆆ:: ♪(On-Line)♫ - February 4, 2009

Hello! This is your ticket to more visits and views and fame bay-bee! You or someone else entered you in my WBA ’08 Awards! 😉 Please vote for your favorite blog in the selections below! only vote once, vote for yourself (selfish, tisk tisk, how dare you!) or vote for someone else (that’s better!) Voting Link below! Good Luck Nominees!
P.S. If you got this comment 2 times, sorry, it’s because you entered in 2 categories, it’s technical! 😛

5. Dieter/Penquin Jim - February 4, 2009

I like Classic Peanuts 😉

6. Lyon - February 6, 2009

Hey Carly! Hows life? Also you might need a new post soon 😉

7. Opus... - February 6, 2009

i am yet to see carly comment on these posts yet. She has been commenting on other blogs though

8. Dieter/Penquin Jim - February 6, 2009

Yeah. Thats true

9. ::βrꆆ:: ♪(On-Line)♫ - February 6, 2009

I love peanuts and I love Snoopy! And that one with two stupid crocodiles and ummm, well I thinm it’s Dilbert… IDK! My Message:
Hello! As you know, I am Brett! And I want to get everyone to know me! My blog will be an empire and rule you!!!!! Ok, JK! But that’s what I feel like, someone who’s got everyone (or Bloggers) looking up to me! TY guys for liking my blog so much and now, I want to help Earth! Earth is lovely spirit, but these creatures called humans are Green Housing and Co2ing the Great Spirit! Please help out and make a page like this:
Please Save Earth!!!!!!! 😀

10. Opus... - February 6, 2009

Brett- Im think you mean PEARLS BEFORE SWINE. Great comic yes! Or as the crocs say, YWES. 😀 “But that’s what I feel like, someone who’s got everyone (or Bloggers) looking up to me!” Thats quite a cocky attitude,boy, But good luck with that :-p.
Oh Carly, Where art thou? Where art thou?

11. drkshadow17 - February 7, 2009

i like….Garfield!! its the only comic i ever really read cuz i dont think the NY Times has comics…..the Times has actaully become smaller…stupid econonmy!! i wish it would get better already….

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