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Inauguration @ School January 24, 2009

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Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been posting…I have been very very busy!  I have a lot of projects…and I really need to get cracking on one of them in particular…heheh 😛

Anyway, on Tuesday, you all know that Obama got inaugurated! Woohoo!  I just wanted to show you guys some pictures of the showing of the inaugruation at me school.  During 3rd period, most of the students got let out of class to go to the student center (the place with all the lockers) and watch it on a projector that had been set up there.  I got there only ten minutes before the actual inauguration because I had to finish a Bio lab, so it was already crowded…but crowded is a major understatement!!  There were people squished onto the floor, packing into the side entrances to the student center, and everyone who couldn’t get onto the floor…climbed.

inaug-2 That is my backpack, another kid’s bag, and my sweatshirt on the ground there! (check out my sweet shoes) I used a handrail to climb that wall and get up to where I could see the TV!! Click for bigger…

Here are some other pics of the incredibally crowded student center.  The white square is the TV screen, because my phone’s camera isn’t that good.

inaug  inaug-3  inaug-4  inaug-5




1. Opus... - January 24, 2009

I see your schools Inauguration Day was different than ours. You have a large crowd of people in anticipating anxiousness. I had asmall dark room,with bad internet connection,and a bunch of angry republicans. It seemed like fun! 😀

2. javallama - January 25, 2009

I got really lucky. My school put Inauguration day on a Teacher Institute day, so we got the day off and got to watch it at home.

3. ζÔ§Η - January 25, 2009

wowww that’s crowded. all this inauguration stuff to me is very foreign, lol, we dont have “inaugurations” or anything of the sort when a new pm gets elected, and a pm can serve more than two terms of four years.

4. clubjorga151 - January 27, 2009

COOOOOOOLIO!!! lol that was random. cool blog!

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