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I work here? ™ January 23, 2009

Posted by Josh in Uncategorized.

Ello, ’tis Josh!

I just realised that there was an edit post button underneath a post on this site, and I realised that I’m an author here!


Sorry Carly, I didn’t know I was an author here, lol.  Ummmm when did you add me?

That be-eth all.




1. ζÔ§Η - January 23, 2009


2. Opus... - January 23, 2009

Welcome Josh!

3. ::Brett:: - January 24, 2009

😆 Cool Josh is on the site now! I love this site… I’ve been acting crazy for some reason, ooooh SoDa PoP! Heh heh heh! 😆 I might think this site’s bad…. Shhhhh! 😛

4. ♪ Mâtt™ ♪ - January 26, 2009

Haha, Brett…. 😆 Well, Welcome Josh!

cLiCk Da NaMe! 😆

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