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Well, he’s almost there January 22, 2009

Posted by Chad Long in Uncategorized.

Its Chad! I cant believe its been so long since ive posted!

Welcome back everyone! I hope you haven’t missed me much! This post is mainly a tribute to my friend, Billy Unger.

Billy started out living in the city I lived in, with his brother Eric. Eric and my little brother, Coby, have been best friends since Pre-school. Ive been friends with Billy since 2nd or 3rd grade but we were never as close as our brothers.

And suddenly, when Billy was 10, him along with his whole family moved to Hollywood California. Billy has been on TV Shows like Desprate Housewives, Medium, Cold Case, and scrubs. Billy has also appeared in the hit movie, National Treasure 2. If you would like to watch all of his little clips of all the shows and movie I stated above, watch this below.

If you would like to see Billy’s Training for an upcoming film, Watch this clip:

BIlly Unger is also planned to play Demi Lovato’s little brother in her new disney series: Sonny with a Chance

Also, BIlly is starring in many upcoming movies in 09. Heres a trailer for a movie hes doing, Cop Dog.

Also, his brother, Eric, has been in many commercials all over tv. You can see one right now, its the trix commercial with the secret code on every cup. You can see it on Nick, Cartoon Network, or Disney Channel. Cant wait to see whats up ahead for these stars.

They just visited recently. Theyre very fun to hang out with!


If you can, visit my site. http://www.darnstraight.wordpress.com .



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