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Inauguration Post January 20, 2009

Posted by Opus in Uncategorized.

Today  Barack Obama got Inaugurated! Today The United States Of America welcomed their first African-American president and for 4 (Java Llama- Opus, they serve for four and then can get re-elected for a total of eight) years their next democratic president.  Even though I never saw his oath to office (School internet messed up after the awesome music Yo-Yo Ma played) I know he messed up, but thats okay. He was, in fact, being watched by the whole world! And so with my post coming to an end, it is short but it has enough info to be sufficient, I now show you the music Yo-Yo Ma played for Obama’s Inauguration. (Yes I know its from a Japanese TV channel, but who cares?)

Carly’s Comment: Ima gonna post about the inauguration too with pics from my school inaug partay thing 😀

Java Llama’s Comment- To watch Obama’s speech, Click Here!

Chad’s Comment: Meep!



1. ♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - January 21, 2009

thanks for the post, Opus!! yay!

2. ♪ Mâtt™ ♪ - January 21, 2009

Opus: CRAZZYYYY Spam Comment! You think the post on obamas inauguration is CrAzY!! Eh? Well fine think what you think this is SPAM! 😆 Next time you spam think about the children.

3. coffee - January 21, 2009

i can honestly say i’m looking forward to the next eight years…

4. Phi - January 21, 2009

Hey, I’m Phi… I’m Josh’s friend… Uh… You might know me…

5. ζÔ§Η - January 23, 2009

the inaugration was on heaps of channels all day in aus, and they’re showing it again today all day on some channels =O

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