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Dante’s Inferno: What Do You Believe? January 10, 2009

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

So I’m reading this book (well actually its this long poem, but it only rhymes when its in Italian….and we are reading it in English) but anyway it is 1 chapter introduction, 33 short chapters about hell, 33 about this middle place thats kinda in between heaven and hell…it has a name but i forget…and 33 chapters about heaven.  The story line is this guy gets lost in this forest, which represents sin, and he tries to get up this hill which the sun is on top of.  The sun represents God and the hill represents the hard but right path to God.   But on the way up he gets blocked by three animals, which sybolize the temptation to do violence, fraud, and the inability to control yourself…the three categories of sin.  Anyway this guy meets this other guy who decides to take him on a tour of hell, and then the two other places I mentioned before.  Anyway, this guy has a weird idea of hell…

So what do you believe??  What do you do after you die?  Is hell a bunch of different places for punishments for the different bad things people have done in their life?  Is it just a huge fiery cave with people burning everywhere and the devil laughing evilly?  Or is it a party with satan as the host and all the bad people are doing bad things and having a great time plotting against heaven?  And what is you idea of heaven?

There’s a lot of different ideas!




1. Ilan - January 10, 2009

Thank you it means a lot!

2. Ilan - January 10, 2009

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3. iMe!™ ::Brett:: - January 10, 2009

I think the Middle Place between Hell & Heaven begins with a P… I was reading Middle Ages books for school and it said a Pope got money by giving people to stay out of the P Place which is where u go to get forgiveness for your sins. That Pope shouldn’t have sold it, it’s non-religous! Anyways nic epost 😆 TY for adding me to your blogroll! XD :mrgeen:
Opus: you are thinking of purgatory. THere also limbo. strange place that is..

4. iMe!™ ::Brett:: - January 10, 2009

Hell is a place for your punishments, Heaven is your reward for the good you’ve done! I believe parts of your soul go to different places when you die, the bad part, for example, goes to hell, because we have different ways of life/feelings/good or bad :

5. iMe!™ ::Brett:: - January 10, 2009

Arrrgh, that bot thing widget at the bottom of ur site is annoying, have you got to him after he said Im contemplating the meaning of life or what ever? 😆 Stupid botty!
Opus: Dont diss jeeves.

6. shyshy6510 - January 11, 2009

I think Hell is as real as the world.Buddhist people believe the world is a illusion and in reincarnation which I don’t believe in.If you can see it , smell it, touch it , hear it , or taste it , it’s real.

7. shyshy6510 - January 11, 2009

Also I believe two of your dragons are dead.

8. Đljs™ - January 11, 2009

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9. ζÔ§Η - January 11, 2009

Nice post and congrats on 6,000 hits! Wow..100 chapters!?!

10. javallama - January 11, 2009

I am not a believer in god but I do believe in the afterlife. I can’t really explain what I truly believe in but I do think there is a heaven and hell. Although my heaven and my hell aren’t the stereotypical things they normally are. I don’t see hell as a punishment, I think that hell is you being born again, and having to live life again. I see heaven as not a place on a cloud but a place of general happiness… whatever that means.

Nice post and congrats on 6,000! Also, awesome new page tabs!

11. javallama - January 11, 2009

Can you post this on Crazy Frenchmen? It’s really good!

12. Lyon - January 12, 2009

Your snowboard is amazing Carly! I really like it and the personal vote for me is so far yous is probably the best.

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