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AH! School Is Coming…And I Skiied! January 3, 2009

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AH!!! Break is almost over! AHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lord save us!  Ugh I start school again on Wednesday!

And guys, I’m really sorry if I haven’t been commenting on your sites and if I haven’t been answering your comments, because the internet here at my family’s condo SUCKS!  It doesn’t work at all in the living/family/TV room OR the kitchen OR my parents bedroom.  So I basically have to shut myself in my room and sit on the bed (and I only have one pillow so I am pretty uncomfortable up against the headboard)…and even then I only get one bar of internet connection!! It’s always at a “low” connectivity…which means a long loading time for the internet!  And even when I do get a connection, I have been using that time to put songs onto my iPod (its about time, too!)

…ah! see! my internet was just lost for a few seconds!  I am constantly saving this as a draft so I don’t loose my whole post if I click the “publish post” button and the internet fails…yeah

So enough about the stupid internet!!  Its time for the second part of my post…you may have seen it in the title…batatatatatatata (drum roll) I can ski!

So today was my first time skiing (not snowboarding) in 5 YEARS!!  But today I decided to rent ski boots and poles and steal my mom’s skis (she didn’t go skiing she has to watch my wee little sister).  So we go to the mountian and I put on my gear…and then I experience the uncomfortableness of ski boots again (i had totally forgotten! snowboard boots are so nice!)!! And my dad decides to take us to the expert terrain T-Bar (a t-bar is like a less comfy lift) see picture here.  And usually there is another person right next to you on the other part of the T.  Anyway the T-bar drags us up the mountain and I learn to ski again on a steep, icy, black diamond run.  (black diamonds are the hardest)  Luckily there were no moguls!

Anyway I got the hang of skiing again and we ski around and stuff…and we eat lunch and stuff…it was really expensive…they charge 25 cents for hot water and 10 cents for cups…etc

My dad also did a face plant into the snow when he crashed trying to go off a jump at the terrain park. hahahaha!! he got some ice burn on his chin and upper lip and his goggles cut the bridge of his nose.  He basically now has a swollen up chin, lip, and nose!  He was such a wimp about it though!  He was mean to the first aid lady because she didn’t make a huge deal out of his little cut, and he kept asking if he needed stitches (HECK NO!!) and he complained the whole way home!  ahh!

oh well! but I can ski!  i will probably board tomorrow…

So who is the biggest wimp you guys know?


P.S. The red dragon matured! yaaay! Now I want a female dragon so I can get little baby dragons!



1. [h@D - January 3, 2009

Haha I go skiing in Colorado every year. Ive never tried snowboarding, I find skiing alot easier though. I can skii on Black diamonds with moguls on them, but its really tiring. Also, school for me starts on Tuesday, THATS EARLIER THEN YOU 😦 SEE YOU IN HELL.

2. Keith - January 3, 2009

No, it was all my fault 😛

There was something confusing so I changed the name of the database and that annoyed WordPress so it deleted.

I wonder how I’ll pay for my hosting now…

3. javallama - January 3, 2009

School starts for me on Monday :-0

4. [h@D - January 4, 2009

please click on my eggs they only have 4 days!

5. Opus The Strange (Not logged in for some stupid reason long name isnt it? lol why are you reading my name look at the comment instead lol) - January 4, 2009

I just got back from skiing! I do it without poles(i likez ta freefall). Snowboarding may be fun but your on your butt all the time though

6. Opus The Strange (Not logged in for some stupid reason long name isnt it? lol why are you reading my name look at the comment instead lol) - January 4, 2009

oh by the way i start school monday. earlier dan both of ya.

7. ░▓Mrslide6091▲ - January 6, 2009

ur lucky. I start school on monday.

8. Lyon - January 7, 2009

Yo Carly! I entered one of Ilan’s contest!, mmmmaaannnn I’m nervous lol. I hope I win! =]

9. pinkey2we - January 13, 2009

that really sucks

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