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Happy New Year!! January 1, 2009

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

Happy New Year everyone!!  It is 40 minutes until 2009! (in colorado, anyway)

I hope everyone has a great new year party!!  I am up in the mountains with my family, so not party here.  We don’t have friends up in the mountains because we don’t come up here that much!  I am probably going to go snowboarding tomorrow, so I’m not going to stay up til 12.  oh yeah, Im cool 🙂 I would rather hit the slopes early than stay up late!

Well I will make an interesting post with some sweet pics that I have taken with my cell of the mountains…later!  Right now my little sis is telling me to stop typing so she can sleep :mrgreen:

Well have a great new year everyone!!!  I hope yours is more exciting than mine!!  What are y0u all doing to celebrate the new year? Do tell!!!


P.S. one of the dragons finally hatched!!!! Its the first ever egg that I have had that has hatched!  I’ve killed a lot of eggs because they didn’t hatch in time… heheh…. but keep clicking!  The hatchling needs clicks to mature or else he will die and the christmas egg is a rare one that I don’t want to kill! thanks you guys!!



1. Ilan - January 1, 2009

I think you are absolutely right in the whole holiday part. But i do believe in the spirit of renewal, and being able to start the year on a clean slate. Do you? 🙂

2. ZzKingz - January 2, 2009

Hey sorry for being busy. the sims 2 crashed yet again so its back to blogging!

3. Pinkey2we - January 2, 2009

heyy Carley,
HAPPY NEW YEARS 2009! Can you Please add my blog to your Blogroll? heres the link http://luhy.wordpress.com its sorta a REALLY random blog, it would be really great if you could, and if by some chance you do, comment back on my blog, and i will add you right as I see the comment, Thank-ums! 😀
-Pinkey2we :mrgreen:

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