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Marley & Me December 30, 2008

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

Today I saw the movie Marley & Me with my mom and two sisters.  It was a good movie, although it was a little adult to be rated only PG.  It’s about a husband and wife who get a dog to train themselves to take care of kids, basically.  The movie goes through their lives.  They have kids and go through the struggles of raising them with a huge destructive but lovable dog.  Of course, its a dog story…so the ending…yeah.  I cried.   Really hard.

Im suchh a sucker during sad movies and books!  I cried during movies like Brother Bear, and Finding Nemo (is there even a sad part in that movie?) and I cry during books like Where The Red Fern Grows (who doesn’t cry during that book) and the 6th Harry Potter book (one of my fave characters dies!)…yeah I cry alot 🙂 but never really when I get hurt.  I don’t cry if I get a cuncussion, or if I split my chin open and have to get stitches, or if I break my toes…multiple times 🙂 but I cry so much during movies and books!  Its weird.

Do you guys cry during movies and books?  What about physically getting hurt?


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1. ~(-Jordan-)~ - December 30, 2008

i don’t wanna see that move.
that’s exactly why.

anywayz, i just wanted to say hi.
sooooooooooo, hi!


2. risthina - December 31, 2008

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3. the horro - December 31, 2008

Your not the only one Carly.
That is, your not the only one that crys hard during movies.
I do to.

4. Ilan - January 1, 2009

I heard that movie was really, sad. I am an emotional dude but movies don’t seem to touch me. Probably because they are not real or true. Its weird… 🙂

5. [h@D - January 1, 2009

I saw that earlier tonight and I cried to. And It takes a really sad movie to make me cry. Haha I dont cry for books though because I like, only read the dialogue. lol. Marley & Me was really sad I cried when his eyes were closing slowly I cried there, and when they were watching the home videos and even the dad was about to cry. 😥

6. forevernothing - January 2, 2009

I cried during a dog called kitty by bill wallace it soo sad. I also cried during old yeller.

7. Lissanoel - January 2, 2009

I saw Marley and Me and read the book. I cried too! IT WAAS SO SAD! I also read Where the red fern grows but I didn’t cry during that

8. ₥@₮₮ ( - January 6, 2009

the ending made me cry

9. jacobjdog - January 10, 2009

That was the saddest movie I ever seen. 😦 Me and my dad went to sww it and we (both) cried so mutch at the end. Good-by clearence puppy… sob-sob.

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