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Frostbite! Woohoo! December 23, 2008

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

So I got some minor frostbite on my toes…yeah.  lol Iwas walking in the snow for a while and then I was waiting out in the snow for my dad to pick me up. I was wearing my vans shoes which are just made of canvas on the sides and they got really wet.  The shoes look like this but they have a sweeter design than just checks.

 (click for bigger size)

So yeah while I was waiting and while I was in the car my toes were really cold and kinda tingly.  When I got home, I forgot about them and was just chillin on the couch, with my wet socks, but then I noticed that the skin on the tips of my toes felt really weird…like it was loose.  I took my socks off and my skin wasn’t loose, but it was white and when I pushed on it it felt kinda squishy, like wax.  I put some wool socks on and then googled “frostbite” and learned that my toes had the beginning stages of frostbite! yikes!  well thats what you get for wearing vans in December in Colorado, I guess 😀

Heres a pic of my lovely toes: frostbite-toes

yaaaay! lol




1. [h@D - December 23, 2008


2. ♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - December 24, 2008


3. Josh the III of England - December 24, 2008

uhhhhhhhhhhh xp
Forget Jack Frost nipping at your nose! In your case its your toes! :p

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