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Christmas Cheer December 15, 2008

Posted by Opus in Uncategorized.

Weeeee happy holidays peoples. I am sooooo cheerful about Christmas that im not using the Explamation point. 😆 Hi im Opus,Josh,if you have’nt met me already. Thanks to our gracious hostess I have been added to this wonderful blog. I shall try to be less boring than usual and try to keep your brians as intertained as possible.  I think this blog is about artistic talent so i will try to add my Artistic Talents(if i have any)to this blog for your full enjoyment. All of my posts will be in different sections. this section would be the intro.

This will be the body of my post. It will have what my main point is. So heres my main story of the day. Today i noticed something very strange at school. Apperantly Fighting is a sport in Middle Schools. Because everytime someone gets in a fight everyone will be all over it cheering it on and placing bets on who will win. You never know when kids are fighting out of anger or just cause they want to entertain others. So anyway today a kid beat up another kid. It wasnt much of a fight cause one was 2 feet taller than the other. And the shorter kid was much heavier and not much muscle. So the tall kid one. He beat the kids face into the cement and kicked him around like a soccerball. Fun eh? Well everyone was saying “did you see that??” and “Anyone get that on tape??” also “that was AWESOME!!!”. The kid got knocked out and who knows what else. The winner of the fight ,i guess, got Suspention. But like i said earlier. Noone sympathizes with one fighter or the other. they see it as entertainment and cheer it on. Interesting isnt it? I could care less about each fighter. They were stupid enough to succumb to their anger so they get no sympathy from me. nor do i cheer it on.

This part is my random “no sense” part.  Heres a random video! Enjoy.

I had to show you that. 😆  ( 😈 )

This is the end part. I hope your test exams go well carlay! remember, take deep breaths and take it slowly. then reach over to see closest smart kids answers. 😆 . Just be calm about them. THANKS FOR ADDING ME!




1. [h@D - December 16, 2008

that was really creepy thanks opus. how am i gonna sleep tonight?

2. -O-ρüΣ The Strange ≧´∀`≦ - December 16, 2008

The point is for you NOT to sleep 😈

3. ♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - December 16, 2008

That is reaalllyy creepy…
That is reaalllyy scary too…
Opus: we wish you a merry Christmas we wish you a merry Christmas we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

4. [h@D - December 16, 2008

Haha. Bitch. 👿

5. [h@D - December 16, 2008

Lol kidding opus buddii
Opus: budddiiiii

6. -O-ρüΣ The Strange ≧´∀`≦ - December 16, 2008

Now if we could focus our attention to the rest of my post. Note: that video der was a made up story imagined by some youtuber for a contest. ha ha lol.

7. [h@D - December 16, 2008

yea i know i read the comments. I saw aa fight by the water fountain in my school. It was sooo funny because I thought they were hugging at first so i stood and watch but boy it was a loooong hug.

8. -O-ρüΣ The Strange ≧´∀`≦ - December 16, 2008

the dude even put THIS IS NOT REAL and ppl still took it seriously! some ppl are so stupid. loooooooooonnngggg hug lol

9. ♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - December 16, 2008

yeah its not real but its CREEPY!!!!!
ok im done saying creeeepyyyy…no im not ok anyway…
I have never seen a legit fight where the two people are actually serious…(f****in Boulder liberals man…everyones so peaceful)
anyway but a kid in my catering group got a black eye from a fight once…

10. ♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - December 17, 2008

dude Opus did you change your name or something cuz now the post says “posted by Josh the III of England” and not “Opus the Strange” anymore

11. (¯`·._) Logan (¯`·._) - December 17, 2008

hi carly! hi opus! hi chad!
that video was in fact weird.
the music gobsmacked me :S
well anyway i miss u guys
ill be back
i miss our never ending chats on xat and doodling nights (that sounded strange lol)
im planning a brand new design for my site =D

12. (¯`·._) Logan (¯`·._) - December 17, 2008

the reason why im not blogging is really related to my last post

13. ♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - December 17, 2008

ahhhh! logan is planning! …a new design! ….for his site!

14. ~.Narnia.~ - December 28, 2008

Woa! You’ve been added somewhere else! Awesome! Sorry my site is so boring, Opus. LOL. Glad to see some funny posts from you again!

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