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Thanksgiving FOOD! *updated* November 25, 2008

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A wonderful post is coming tomorrow about each of the different Thankgiving foods! I bet you can’t wait!

I have been pretty busy during break, actually!  Me and my little sister, Wonderbread, have been painting our basement this really sweet green color! We also got some blue paint for polkadots after we finish the green.  We did the first coat today.  Painting is so time consuming! jeez! and I am also addicted to this fun game called Dino Run! Click HERE play it! I love it!

Get ready for an awesome post tomorrow! And a second coat of green paint on my basement! woohoo!


P.S. Oh and i also replied to peoples comments like on the last post and on a page and on an earlier post….yeah 🙂

Here’s the food post now…

Thanksgiving Food (in no particular order)


Turkey:  The main dish of the feast.  The universal sign of thanksgiving.  The Turkey.  I prefer the dark meat – it tends to be less dry if the turkey was over-cooked.  I always put gravy all over it!  My uncle usually carves our turkey.  Its really funny to watch cuz he’s not that goo but my dad calls it “poetry in motion”.  Its funny!  Sometimes theres a bag of giblets (turkey organs, like heart, liver etc) that you can use for gravy, but I find that DISGUSTING!  heheh

Mashed Potatoes:  My uncle also makes the mashed potatoes.  He uses a beater to make the potatoes really light and fluffy, and its so good!  He also beats in milk and salt and lots of butter so its really creamy and delicious!  I love it!  Its probably really unhealthy with all that butter but WHO CARES?!  Like, really, who cares about health stuff on Thanksgiving?!? haha.  Oh and I also pour tons of gravy on it too 🙂


Stuffing: Probably one of my favorite dishes.  It used to be cooked inside the turkey until some people found out that uncooked turkey juices could get in there and not be cooked so it could make you sick.  So now its separate from the turkey!  I love this dish, but I actually have no idea whats in it.  its still yummy

Sweet Potatoes:  I actually really don’t like this dish!  The texture is gooey and sticky and hot, and its way too sweet for me!  And the vivid orange color and weird smell also puts me off a bit.  Anyone like this dish who wants to tell us why they do?

Green Beans:  These are always the vegetable dish at our thanksgivings.  I don’t know how they’re cooked but they end up tasting ok.  They are definatly not my favorite but my mom makes me eat them cuz she’s a mom and they are veggies.

Gravy: Soooo good!  It goes on my turkey and my mashed potatoes.  It couldn’t be thanksgiving without gravy!

Cranberry Sauce: Its a bit sour, but its ok.  I like the color 🙂 and I actually prefer the canned stuff to the homemade stuff!  The canned stuff is a bit sweeter and the tecture is awesome!  Its so jiggly its like jello!

Pie: First, pumpkin pie.  The traditional thanksgiving desert!  Its best served cold with some whipped cream on it.  I never make it with actual pumpkin.  The canned pumpkin goop is the way to go!

Second, apple pie.  My favorite kind of pie.  I love the cinimony apple taste and then it soaks into the crust and its so good!  yum!!




1. Redcowz - November 25, 2008

Yay. can’t wait for it! 😀

2. Redcowz - November 26, 2008

Awesome, descriptions. The only thing about thanksgiving i dont like is stuffing and pie. This is a great post!

3. ζÔ§Η - November 26, 2008

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia…

4. Olly - November 26, 2008

I’m hungry now.

Very nice post. I wanna carry it down a hill.

5. ♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - November 26, 2008

Redcowz: Me niether! And that sucks that you don’t like stuffing or pie! Im sorry!

Josh: That also sucks lol. Its basically a big dinner. With turkey. And school off. Some number of years ago some pilgrims landed in america from Europe for the first time and they had a big dinner with the Indians or something 🙂

Olly: Im hungry too! and uh…carry it down a hill? …ok!

6. -O-ρüΣ The Strange ≧´∀`≦ - November 27, 2008

mmmm green beans. :-p

7. [h@D - November 28, 2008

i celebrate it but the only foods i eat are the potatos the turkey and the bread. i dont lke anything else, not even the pie. ai had ice cream instead last nite.. :))

8. Smiley Sarah :) - December 2, 2008

I hate sweet potatoes. i had thanksgiving at my aunts house and she buts arshmellows on them 😛

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