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WHEW!! Break is finally here! November 22, 2008

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Hey guys! My last day of school before Thanksgiving day was today!! It was a HECTIC day! Let me start with last night…

I had three math assignments due the next day.  I did most of them, but one of the assigments took up TWO WHOLE sheets of paper! front and back!! ugh!  Also my two favorite shows were on (but i didnt get to watch them cuz i was too busy) which are The Office and 30 Rock.  I also had gymnastics! I got to bed at 11:30 and had to wake up at 5:30 this morning.  Then i caught the bus and went to school.  I studied for my math test before school started, and then i went to math for 1st period.  I took the test, but I wasn’t sure how I did.  On one of the problems, I got all these weird fraction answers. They might be right, but getting x=85/7 and y=97/7 is a little unconvincing.

new paragraph! i had world history second period. we were practicing writing thesis statements. I will tell you more about our project that requires a thesis later.  Third period was science.  we are watching Osmosis Jones, which is about the cells and everything that live inside this guy’s body and all the white blood cells are cops and its a huge city and stuff. its hilarious :).  Then we had this assembly.  There was a lot of random sports where they would pick people out of the crowd and they would go down and play things like “extreme musical chairs”.  Oh yeah.  well after that I started heading to Catering class when…GASP!!! OH NO!!!! Where was the check my lovely mommy gave me this morning to put in my school account for my lunch money!! ahh! it was for 30$! where was it! I ran around under and on top of the bleachers and down a ton of halls for about 10 minutes. I finally gave up and went to catering.  I whispered “sorry” as i walked in really late.  She was explaining how to make cranberry Chuttney.  When everyone went into the kitchen to cook, I told her why I was late.  She smiled and handed me…my CHECK.  …WHAT!?!?!??! I was shocked! “B-b-b-but-what?” She said someone had found it and given it to her cuz she was helping out with the assembly. She then was like “oh i have her in my next class” so it was all better! yaaaay!!!!!

new paragraph time again! well we made the Chuttney…which turned out to be disgusting and sour…and spicey at the same time cuz the recipe said to put tabasco sauce in it for some reason…anyway…I bought some teriyaki lunch and went to my world history teacher for help on my thesis.  i wrote it and then went to choir for 6th period.  I had to finish my spanish hw WHILE dancing and singing to christmas songs in choir haha.  It was hard.  I managed to finish and went to spanish, which was ok but i had to finish my L.A. hw in spanish! I had to finish a ton of hw cuz i didnt’ have time last night, ok? anyway L.A. went smoothly too and then I came HOME!

Phew! I worked on my folder entry for the RedCowz contest.  Here is my pic: http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn168/JamLover/folderfinished.png

Its good, huh?

Anyway, I also went out to dinner tonight with some friends on my family.  The parents talked while their kids and friend….one buy my age and one boy and his friend my sister’s age went outside on the golf green and played hide-and-seek and kick the can.  It was fun! I just got back…like an hour ago…yeesh! I have been on the PC for a while! I had to finish my entry AND now I’m typing this HUGE long post!

Hm…I guess I’ll stop now!  If you read all of that….Congratulations!!


P.S. I will have more time to post this week because I have this week off for Thanksgiving! Yay! I’ll make another post about thanksgiving dinner and stuff.

P.S.S. Do you think my posts are too personal? Like too centered around me?  I’m just wondering, so please tell me cuz I don’t want you guys to think I’m self-obsessed or anything.  I love you all!  JavaLlama! Ilan! Josh! Opus! Chad! Olly! Logan! Krygox!



1. ♥ Animalluver ♥ - November 22, 2008

Hi carly! (is it carly?) i like your posts! :] they’re very creative.

2. Chad - November 23, 2008

I love you to babe.

3. -O-ρüΣ The Strange ≧´∀`≦ - November 23, 2008

*hugs carly* back atcha carlay! :p I dont think your being self obsessed. Your doing great! 🙂

4. Redcowz - November 23, 2008

You did such a great job!

5. ζÔ§Η - November 24, 2008

Great post, I read all of it so YAY ME! Lol. I’m guessing your all better now, because sick people generally don’t write super long posts and eat sour Chutney, lol.

6. ♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - November 25, 2008

Animalluver: yeah you got my name right! Thanks!

Chad: You used the improper form of to/too, babe. it should be “too” not “to”. Love you too! haha

Opus: yaay! thanks!

Redcowz: Whats with the past tense there? Did? lol

Josh: Yes I’m all better thanks!! And if I was still sick I probably wouldve barfed upon eating the chutney! …actually i wouldve barfed even if I felt just the tiniest bit quesy lol

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