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Pumpkin Contest! October 27, 2008

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

Hey guys! I am currently making a long post inspired by Opus’s post on Narnia’s site acknowledging all the people who have influenced my blogging experience in some way.  I can’t wait to be done and post it!

Meanwhile, you should go to http://javallama.wordpress.com and vote for me in the pumpkin carving contest! Its a lot of fun!

And we only have two entries in the  Mascot contest 😦 but I think voting will start when we get 3 or 4 so get them in!  Jordan and KrygoX have!

Oh, and also I am going to be very busy this week.  I have crew practice for my school’s musical everyday after school this week until 8:30 so i won’t get home until, like 9:00 pm

Yikes! Well I gotta finish hw… see ya!




1. javallama - October 27, 2008

When is the post going to come out?

2. Koreanxpv - October 27, 2008

btw in funny pics it doesnt show up…im to lazy to put the pics back :mrgreen: and i wanna join but i cant -.-

3. -O-ρüΣ The Strange ≧´∀`≦ - October 27, 2008

i cant wait for your post! Oh and a very stupid joke ,but if your in high school and your in a musical that means your doing a HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL? Lol. yea stupid joke but it was quite ironic for the new movie coming out. I have entered ma pumpkin. :p

4. krygox - October 28, 2008

em i allowed to make another mascot for teh contest? i used a crappy drawing program, and i am gettin a betur 1 today. 😀

5. ♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - October 28, 2008

Javallama: Probably not until this weekend because of crew. Sorry!
Koreancpv: lol its ok 😉 and you wanna join what? Javallama’s contest? sorry, just a bit too late!
Opus: haha nice! except I must say that my schools musical is a bit lower in the cheesiness factor 😉
Krygox: yes you can make as many as you want!! go right ahead!!!

6. -O-ρüΣ The Strange ≧´∀`≦ - October 29, 2008

ANYTHING is better than High School Musical.

7. [h@D - October 30, 2008

carlay im in it too right??

lol i got married to 2 people today. i feel so speshful!

8. krygox - October 30, 2008

shweet. i gotta get a new program first. :p

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