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Amazing Bread October 3, 2008

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Amaaaazing  bread, how sweeeeeet the sound. to saaave a wreeeetch like meeeeeee! (sung to tune of Amazing Grace)


OK well in my Catering class (we learn about food and make food and eat it) we just started on yeast products. aka bread stuff. on Tuesday, my group made bread dough and we kneaded it perfectly! after letting it rise, today we put it in 4 little pans (one for each group member) and let it rise for 15 min more and then cooked it!  We got them out of the oven and they were perfect looking! The other groups had over risen a bit and were looking like they had tumours. they were bulbous!  But ours were all pretty and perfect! When we cut the bread into slices, the teacher said that mine had the best inside! It was all perfect and had the exact right air bubbles and stuff in it! yaay! then we ate the bread with jam, butter, and honey. tasty!

I have some pictures that I will post later, but right now I’m too lazy to email them to myself from my phone, then open them with paint, edit them, save them, and then upload them to wordpress (WAAY TO LONG!) so I will do it later.

The weekend is coming up (FINALLY) and I have a pretty exciting weekend! On Saturday, Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin, the amazing American gymnasts who did great in the Olympics are going to be doing some gymnastics meet in Colorado (where I live) really near my town! I have tickets to see them and I am really excited!  I’ll take pics for you guys too!  Also, its one of my friend’s birthday on Saturday and that night we are going to a haunted house type thing called Terra and the Corn and its this big farm/pumpkin patch with a cornfield maze with guys with chainsaws chasing you are scaring you.  I’ve never been too it before, and I’m excited!  I will be a little late to her party because of the Gymnastics event, but it’s ok!

OK and don’t make fun of me for this but in my World History class we are learning about classical Greece and its really interesting! I really love that class! NO IM NOT A NERD! lol but its really cool learning about that stuff.  I really hope that being a World History teacher is not my calling (calling is like…ummm..like its my destiny, fate, like the thing that calls to me…yeah) sweet lol


P.S. I was just watching the vice presidential debate thing and I would pause the TV ( i have tivo, which is a TV recording device where you can pause during shows and stuff) and me and my little sister would color with dry erase markers on her face and give her a beard and stuff. haha!  She really has no experience whatsoever. haha! bye!

P.S.S. I replied to some of your comments as a comment in my last post.  If you had a question or just said something I replied 🙂



1. krygox - November 4, 2008

this is the most heartwarming and beautiful story ever. where are the pictures of your magical bread???? :[

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