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The HUGEST, CRAZIEST, and most AMAZING House You’ve Ever Seen!!! September 28, 2008

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Ok, so on Friday my friend texted me and said: “my friend is helping out at this fundraiser gala (gala means like a big dinner party where rich people come and bid on things and buy stuff from silent auctions and they raise money for a cause) and they need waitress type people to help out with serving. you interested?” Now I didn’t know who was hosting the party or anything, but I went to my friend’s freind’s house and met my freind’s friends lol and then we headed over to the big house they were having the Gala at.  The house was on the side of a mountain, so we had to drive up a lot of twisty turny roads.  When we got there, we parked and we walked up the long driveway to the house. HUGE! Whoa! it was very modern looking. With cool curves everywhere and stuff.  Anyway, we met up with the 4 other girls who were going to help the 5 of us. 9 total and then one 9 year old who wanted to help.  We helped the caterers get the hors orduerves ready, and then when the guests arrived, we got separated into groups of two (me with the 9 year old of course, not any of my freinds 😛 ) and we went around with macaroni and cheese filled truffles and gave them to rich snobby people.  9 year old girl gave them napkins.  Some of the other groups had shrimp and others had sausage.  The platter was heavy!! It was full of truffles and it was a very thick metal.  Once we ran out, we went back to the kitchen and guess what? I got another, bigger, heavier platter. GREAT.  After those were gone, we went around with trays and picked up trash.  People would leave their empty cups, bottles, appetizer plates, napkins, and glasses on random surfaces.  we would walk around and put it all on the tray, give the glasses to the kitchen, and throw away everything else.  I got so tired of walking!! I had to do this from 6:00-11:30!! I got breaks so I could eat dinner and stuff but we were working for a while!  And then when the party was winding down and everyone was in one room for the auction, we weren’t done.  We had to carry a ton of platters and leftover food to the catering van and we had to go around and get all the recycling bins from the bars and carry the huge heavy things to the garage. YEESH!  We did a few more chore type things and then it was finally over.

I have a few pics of the awesome house…

this is a map i made to help you understand my pics


my pics aren’t working, they are just showing up as red Xs so I will add them later. I promise! I got them working! Check it out!





1. ~(-Jordan-)~ - September 29, 2008

Hey Carly,
I just wanted to let you know Mr Funguin and I re-opened: http://lifesizebites.wordpress.com

2. ζÔ§Η - September 30, 2008

Wowzers, that sounds like a LOT of work!!! Did you get paid? [Lol]

3. [h@D - September 30, 2008

holy crap. josh. frikin tell dunya to shut up.

haha . and how she said fu** (i woul say it but something would start) that was funny how you was like THIS WORD HAS BEEN REMOVED BEACAUSE INNAPROPRIATE.


4. Redcowz - September 30, 2008


5. ~(-Jordan-)~ - September 30, 2008

The house is huge!

6. ζÔ§Η - October 1, 2008

Yes, Chaddy, I do have a way with words, don’t I? Lol.

7. [h@D - October 1, 2008

Yes, Joshy, you do. Lol. Carly Josh you guys have an AIM. Make one if you dont.

8. Olly Von Grimm - October 2, 2008

Check in your wallet…that’s ME on the dollar bill…

9. javallama - October 3, 2008


10. ♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - October 3, 2008

Josh: I wish! It was volunteer work. ew. lol
Chad: lol yeah that was funny
RedCowz: Thanks!
Jordan: Tell me about it! They had a WATERFALL…INSIDE!
Josh: lol again
Chad: yeah mine is Mooseluver88 but I hardly ever go on it
Olly: Oh sweet! It is also Pelelope’s dad (from a SNL vid on the Vids page)
Javallama: I know!! They LIGHT UP!!! I want light-up stairs!!!!

11. WonderBread - October 3, 2008


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