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Awkward Awkwardness, Header, and CSS September 5, 2008

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

So I’ll get the header thing over with…hmmm I made the title and then left to get a snack and now I dont remember what I had to say about the header. hmmm…well I forget anyway do you like it? haha

Well now I’ll do the CSS part of the title. For those of you who dont know, CSS is a thing on wordpress that you can buy for about $15 dollars a month and you can do the deep editing stuff on your theme and text and stuff like these blogs: Adam’s RedCowz’s and Aguair’s

See the sweet backround and stuff? sweeet. im thinking about getting it but have no idea how to work it! I have asked adam and he is too busy, and i have just asked aguair who adam reccomended for me.

ok done with that now on to awkward awkwardness! ok so I have had one boyfriend and i am currently single.  He was nice but he began to get a bit annoying so I just told him that i liked it better when we were just friends and he agreed! it was very clean. this was last year (freshman year of high school).  Last year we met during the musical (i was crew/backstage help and he was a cast member) and we had choir class together. and that was the only time we saw eachother during the school day because we didnt have off periods together either. THIS year, however, his locker is in the same block as mine, we have science, choir, off period, and spanish together! off course during my off period i usually go out with my friends but still!! I know we are broken up and “still friends” its awkward!! gah!!! I hate it!!!! Oh and the worst part of awkwardness was at this choir picnic that the whole choral department goes to to welcome the freshman and we play a game of Red Rover. If you dont know how to play click here. Anyway I didnt break through so I had to join that group. I had to hold hands with the person on the end. Yup you guessed who it was.  Boy was that awkward. Holding hands with him again.  yeah.

Well thats long gone so whatever. Hakuna matata. its the weekend now! Hallelujah and praise God!




1. [h@D - September 5, 2008

ahh . i know how akward that can be. my ex went to a diff middle school. thank the lord. shes nutz.

(well, so am i.)

2. ♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - September 5, 2008

haha lucky you

3. ΦρüΣ - September 6, 2008

ahh such is young love lolz

4. Redcowz - September 6, 2008

Thanks for linking to me. If you have Css i can help you with codes and what not. I love your new header! its super cool! 🙂

5. ζÔ§Η - September 6, 2008

I’m prety sure it’s $US15 for twelve months for CSS. So I take it school has started for you now? =P

6. Aguair - September 6, 2008

Wow, it’s very kind of Adam to refer me 😀 Yes, indeed I had a CP blog. But I changed it, because of, well, not liking CP anymore.

Anyhoo, I might be able to help you with CSS – but you have to understand that it does take time.

If you want a cool background, look for a piece of code like this:

body {
background:url(‘images/body_bg.gif’) repeat;


body {

or anything that has the title “BODY”. Change the #fff or the (‘images/body_bg.gif’) to (‘BACKGROUND IMAGE LINK’) and it should work.

Tip #1 😀

7. [h@D - September 6, 2008

lol . young love. not really. i didnt love my ex. i just really liked her. but then she went crazy so i dumped her. (well, my friend did, on my b-day. :-/ )

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