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*snif*snort*snort*cough*snif*ache*ouch*ACHOO* September 2, 2008

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

I am SICK! blarg. (thats a sound of disgust heheh)

anyway for the long labor day weekend my family drove up to my aunt Janet’s condo in the mountains! she is actually my dad’s aunt so my great aunt…but she is really young…heres how it goes.

my dad’s mom (my grandma) ‘s brother is uncle Tom. he married a young woman when he was really old, so he was old like a grandpa but his kids were in collage and my age (15) and stuff. He died about 2 years ago I think 😦 , but his young wife, Janet is still alive and is a little older than my dad. about the age of one of my aunts. so I call her aunt janet and her kids i just call them my cousins even though they are my second cousins and she is my great aunt…yeah. anyway…

they have a condo in the mountians about 2 hours away from where I live so they let us use it all the time. we go up there in the winter to ski and in the summer to hike and sometimes ride horses.  i had a fun time, but sunday night i noticed my throat was scratchy feeling. monday morning while we were getting ready to go i definatly was feeling sick.  i could not fall asleep at all last night. i was tossing and turning and ugh i just couldnt. this morning my alarm clock went off at 5:50 (thats when i have to wake up for school) and i took a shower, hoping it would help me feel better. it didnt, so I told my mom that i felt like crap and couldnt go to school.  i usually go to school even if im sick because its so hard to make up classes in high school, but today i just felt the worst. so i went back to bed and slept untill 10:30 😆 and now i am up and typing! yahoo but not cuz my nose is so clogged and my head aches so much 😦


also, CPFantastic (im gonna start calling you CPF if thats ok) it seems some people really dont want CP posts.  it could be interesting to see what is going on in a game we all used to play but also it could be uneeded because most of the people here quit it a long time ago and dont care now. comment here on your views on this, everyone!

~Carly *snif*



1. [h@D - September 2, 2008

i vote no cp postz.


2. javallama - September 2, 2008


no offence 😉

3. ♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪ - September 3, 2008

Chad, dear, the password is CARLYMOSE
lol 😉

4. javallama - September 3, 2008

This isnt really a CP site anymore!!! CP is dumb (No offence 😉 ) and is meant for CP SITES! I dont want to know about the latest ‘pin” or the latest “party.” PEOPLE DONT COME HERE FOR THAT! Atleast, to my knowlage they dont…

5. Redcowz - September 3, 2008

Sorry hope u feel better! 😦

6. [h@D - September 3, 2008

ohjeez. i feel soo stupid.

7. flubby123456 - September 3, 2008

Can I be on your blogroll? http://flubby123456.wordpress.com

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